Sunday, 13 September 2015


Another nice day, I put Db's bowls kit in the washer so it can go away clean ready for next season.

He spent the morning in the garden tending the veg and shovelling more manure onto the beds.

I prepared the veg for supper, had a quick wipe round the bathroom and then made a cup of tea.

DB went back outside and I cut out and sewed another dresden table centre, made a mistake only cut 16 slices so when I went to put it together it would not fit, so another 4 pieces sewn and put in, its now been joined up. I am going to put the wadding on the back and use the embroidery stitches on the machine on the front. I'll then sew the backing on and bind it. I am going to experiment with smaller slices and see if I can make a decent sized place mat to match.

Supper tonight is pork steaks and roasties veg from the garden and we will finish off the crumble I made yesterday for dessert.

Getting used to the new layout, DB seems quite happy with his chair where it is, he is far enough away from the kitchen door not to get a draught from it. He can now nebb out of the window instead of me!!

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  1. How lovely to have a calmer day after the busy but worthwhile upheaval of yesterday and am glad you both are enjoying the new furniture layout.

    DB is certainly enriching the garden with lovely nutrients that the various plants must be thrilled by. It wonderful that you're already able to harvest veg to roast and have for dinner!

    A friend recently made a set of 4 Dresden Plate placemats so will try to send you a photo for inspiration.

    It was 67*F here this morning but still damp and humid and the high is forecast to be only 73*F!



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