Friday, 25 September 2015

Sun again?

It was very late before I got up. I had taken pain killers last night as my wrist was very sore, they, along with being tired from the quilt group must have made me really sleep, it was almost 9.30 before I was any where near being sensible!!

DB was out in the shed, its contents scattered all over the lawn, looked like we were having a boot sale. I did a very thorough Friday clean, including moving stuff in the kitchen so I could wash the floor under them.

Lunch was some left over leek and potato soup with bread. Supper prepared, fish, wedges and peas. I made a rice pudding in the microwave for dessert, its not quite as thick as I like it, so when the wedges are done I might just give it 5 more minutes and see if it thickens up a bit more.

We decided to walk down to the post office after we had our tea and scone, we needed to collect the TV magazine and I wanted to put a notice in.

The sun was very warm through the glass this morning, but since lunch a chilly breeze has sprung up, may have to light the fire again tonight, the temperature drops quite steeply once the sun goes.

No idea what we are going to be doing over the weekend. Rob was supposed to be laying the grass today, no sign of him so far.

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  1. It sounds as if you had a day of pleasant accomplishments without any rush so that makes a nice change from yesterday. Hope your wrist feels steadily better over the coming days.

    Yummy menus as always!

    Our forecast is for 100% rain tonight and all day tomorrow so we'll see how much of that rain lands here. I have two books to read and many quilting projects to keep me happily busy.

    Am headed next door to make lunch and a No Crust Quiche Lorraine for the coming rainy days.



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