Saturday, 5 September 2015


Did not hear DB getting up, must have been due to me taking a dose of pain killers last night.

When I did get up we went down to the community orchard, lots of fruit trees with fruit on, but sadly neglected. Many of the branches were weighed down to the ground, too much small fruit on them, the fruit will never get any bigger, there is just no room for them to expand. It looks as if the trees have not been pruned for many years. I did come home with half a bag of cooking apples, but there is virtually no flesh on the eating apples at all.

Back home there was a lively discussion about how to plant the strawberry plants. DB is so set in his ways he just cannot seem to see the concept of new ways of planting. Eventually I left him to it and came inside. I told him he can grow the fruit and veg anyway he likes, I will cook it and that's all. He did manage to do a job I asked him to do 5 weeks ago. So there is now a bed for the second lot of lavender plants. The others have been on for over 6 weeks, so lets hope the plants catch up.

Finished off the HM lentil soup, I pulled 3 leeks,they will make a pot of leek and potato soup tomorrow. Shoulder of lamb taken out of the freezer for tomorrows supper.

Its the village show tomorrow, so we need to be down at the green before 11am to put our entries in. We have to go back to collect them or they are auctioned off. No way are they going to auction my friendship quilt off. What is strange we have to pay £2 to go in and see if our entries have won anything. Odd.....

The weather is changeable, one minute its sunny the next overcast, there is a chilly breeze blowing too. I can see the fire being lit at supper time.

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