Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Rods needed

The plumber came this afternoon to sort out the drain, what a gay day. Arm down the drain from the kitchen first, lumps of heaven knows what, drain rods were required........after a lot of pushing and shoving great lumps of foul smelling fat appeared. Nothing to do with us, it had been there for years. Good job we are not on a water meter, we ran gallons down to make sure the pipes were clear.

A cup of tea and two scones disappeared. He will be back tomorrow to put down 2 new slabs outside the coal shed.

The new fire grate has been fitted today as well, we have to wait 24 hours for the cement to prove, then we can light a small fire to check everything is ok. Looking forward to having a fire during the autumn evenings.

Not much else done really. Its been fine for most of the day DB has spent some time in the garden, I have spent all day pottering but not really done much. I have got my friendship quilt out and draped it over the ironing board and a chair, I am entering it in the local show this weekend. DB has also looked out some of his photos to enter.

DB has a visit to the dentist tomorrow with his new plate, it had rubbed his gum quite badly.

DD2 is coming on Friday to check on us, we need to go to Morrisons and the library, so will give her a lift home.


  1. How marvelous that appropriate workers continue to come to sort out the needed clearing of the kitchen drain, to cover the muddy entry to the coal shed, and that your sitting room fire grate will be ready to use before the chilly evenings close in. Your bungalow home is becoming ever more perfect for you two.

    Your Friendship quilt is so pretty that I'm glad you're entering it in the show and hope DB finds suitable pictures to enter, too. Hope you'll take some pictures at the show (hint, hint, nudge, nudge!).

    Wishing DB well at his dental appt.


  2. We had the same problem with drains many years ago, what a smell!! However, it did the trick and a drop of stardrops kept it sweet smelling and clear until the day we left there. We have our own septic tank here and have to be so careful about what we put down the sinks and toilet. I am sure you will spend many evenings nice and cosy in front of the fire in the Autumn, we have lit ours today to get rid of daughter's private correspondence and it was lovely and warm. Won't be long now, Autumn is just around the corner.


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