Thursday, 24 September 2015

Quilt Group Day

Not much done this morning apart from wash towels and hang them out. Had an early lunch and then on to the quilt group. Only 4 ladies there, some on holiday.......

Showed them the new block and we also reviewed the projects for Christmas.

I was shattered when I got home. Seem to have done something to my left wrist, have a support on it and taken some pain killers.

I cooked a couple of salmon fillets before I went out this lunchtime. I like salmon, but not keen on it hot, so cooked it in the juice of half a lemon and left it to go cold. We had it with salad for supper. DB finished off the apple crumble, delicious.

Sorry its a short entry today, but I am shattered. Its the first time I have driven since the beginning of June.


  1. It sounds as if your little quilting group enjoyed the thoughts of projects for Christmas. I remember when I first saw quilts and wall quilts made with Christmas fabrics it was such a light-bulb moment for me.

    Hope you can take a day off tomorrow to do only as you choose, to give your wrist a rest, and to recover from being overtired today.

    I've been busy today and am just home from cooking dinner for DS2 and folding his laundry and I am shattered, too.

    Sweet dreams along with more pain med. perhaps?


  2. Remember all that yard work, it's no wonder your wrist is hurting. You've been a busy bee. Glad you survived your first day back driving.


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