Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Think my mo jo must be coming back......late waking up, DB had brought my breakfast through and told me the chap had been to fit the carbon monoxide  detector in the sitting room. The chap is going to have to come back, our bathroom heater went bang and clouds of smoke in the bathroom last night. It was a bit chilly, I had to open the window to let the smoke out.

Once up and dressed I made tomato and bacon sauce to go on the pasta for tonights supper. An apple crumble also for supper. A ring of scone, we are expecting DD2 tomorrow,  will also have to make a pot of soup in the morning. I then put a beef stew in the pressure cooker for tomorrow night. Apart from my hip and leg jumping a bit I am fine. So I think I must be gradually improving.

I am sick of the weather, the forecast yesterday was for rain today, its very cold but fine. I could have done a load of laundry and got it dry, will have to hope its fine tomorrow and I can get it done then.

DB spent all morning washing out the plant pots we borrowed when we moved, the path outside the back door reeks of jeyes fluid. I need to contact Shelia and get her to come and collect them, then she and her husband can have a look round and see what we have managed with G's help to get done.

We had lit the fire last night, so have relaid it ready to light later. As we were burning wood there is very little ash in the pan, it will do another night. DB is mixing the ash with the manure in the heap standing at the top of the garden. You have to store wood ash for 12 months before putting on the garden.

We have written to the council and asked for permission to put up a fence and gate at the side of the house, at the moment anyone can just walk round the back and into the garden, so not very safe. DS2 will sort it for us, but we need to get permission first. I have also sorted how to hang a curtain over the front door, once again DS2 and his drill will be needed. we are going to have to curve a rail round onto the side wall to enable to curtain to be drawn back to open the door.

We still have over 200 bulbs to put in the back garden, might get round to putting some of them in later in the week.


  1. How perfectly thrifty it was to be able to borrow back the pots you'd given Sheila for the plants making this move! She'll have them back and the pots will be out of your way as you're there (hopefully) to stay.

    You've certainly been busy in the kitchen today and that will make things easier later today and tomorrow.

    Hope the council allows you to put up the fence and gate as that only seems reasonable and, as you say, safer. Can you ask the council when the loo will be refitted?

    It's a chilly, sunny day here and laundry calls.


  2. Could you use a portiere type rod for your door curtain?

  3. Your meals always sound so yummy. Is there a chance you could share your recipes for the potato and leek soup and also the tomato and bacon sauce in today's posting, sure would like to try making them.


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