Wednesday, 2 September 2015

One of those days

Yes it has been. Forecast was for rain this afternoon, so the laundry went in the washing machine and on the line.

DB was down at the stables getting more manure, I put on a loaf, I forgot  to put on yesterday.

After we had our lunch I decided to put a lemon drizzle cake in the oven, was just about to put the hand mixer into the bowl when DB shouted it was raining, by the time we had taken everything off it had stopped!! Not happy as some of it was still decidedly damp, it went in the dryer.

Switched on the mixer, nowt........of all days it decided to pack in so ended up making a one step cake with a wooden spoon, it has not risen as much as it usually does, tough, it will have to be eaten. So now it looks as if I will have to buy a new hand mixer. I must admit it was over 20 years old and I have used it regularly, but after my experience with the toaster and kettle I doubt a replacement is going to last as long.

First thing DB went into the garden and discovered that M had left his tools on top of the dustbin, they had been there all night in full view of the road. Had we still been living in the town I very much doubt we would have found them still there. I phoned M, he is coming this afternoon anyway, so will pick them up then.

DB has to go for his dental appointment shortly. I am not going with him, will stay at home and save my money.

Almost grate now fitted laid with some firelighter and stick to check the chimney tonight.

The old grate.

The new grate, fire laid ready to light.


  1. My second hand held mixer in 4 years died recently, I am going to buy the cheapest I can find as the last ones were expensive. Mind you I do make them earn their keep. We had a good day once 10.30 had come and gone, washing dried and grass cut, it is raining today though.

  2. I had to chuckle about your hand mixer because I still use one I got 51 years ago at my bridal shower. It has been sounding like it's on the last mix for about 20 years. It's a little Sunbeam mixer that likely cost $5 when new. I agree that the new replacements just don't last. That's sadly true about everything...appliances. clothing, autos, etc. They say things break in 3's so maybe you will be done with that cycle for a bit!

  3. I've also heard that things break in 3s, so will join in the hope that your hand mixer is the last of the 3 for you. You certainly got your money's worth out of it with all of the baking you've done in the last 20 years.

    Hope the new or modified plate won't cause DB any painful rubbing.

    Cheers that K's tools were right where he left them!

    It's thundering here so hope we get a good amount of rain. We're having to water the shrubs and small trees as well as the tomatoes and herbs and it's been all too hot.



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