Friday, 18 September 2015


We set off with a picnic lunch just after 10am, we got to the nursery just before 11am and spent well over an hour looking round. I managed to spend £41, DB got a plastic cloche for starting off seeds during the spring, some other plants made their way into my basket including 2 climbing roses.

We sat in the car park and ate our picnic and a cup of tea and then set off for my quilting friends.

As usual we had a really good time, all 3 of us chatting before DB decided to take off for the conservatory to read, whilst we carried on chewing the fat. I really enjoy my visits, I got her a little pink and white cyclamen. I was looking for some paper white bukbs to do a bowl for her for Christmas but could not find any, will have to have a look on the internet.

It poured with rain most of the way home, the M1 was blocked south, tailback stretched for quite a long way and we saw a fire engine trying to get through the stationary traffic, no idea what was going on.

There was no rain when we got home, so a quick unload and into the house before it started to rain here.

We will be spending most of tomorrow in the garden getting all the bulbs in.

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  1. Aside from the traffic jam and rain, what a lovely day you and DB had and what happiness your visit brought to your sweet friend.

    Come spring, your garden will look even lovelier than it already does and will bring joy to you two and all of your neighbors.

    Hope you're enjoying a well deserved rest this evening!

    I've run my alloted errands and is my left knee ever talking to me. Ouch! Time to sit down with a book.



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