Thursday, 10 September 2015

Its Sunny

There was quite a haze when we got up, but the sun has broken through and its one of those lovely early autumn days.

I have laundry out, it should dry ok today.

DB is bowling this afternoon, his last match of the season, although he will go down on Saturday for the competition finals.

DD2 and SIL are coming Saturday afternoon to change round the sitting room, Settee going where the dresser is now and the dresser in the corner as you go into the kitchen, DB's chair will also get moved over a bit. DB and I can no longer move the heavy furniture, it takes me all my time to move the lighter things. I was hoping to feel a bit stronger by now. Will be asking a few questions when I next go to the clinic. I am also waiting for my driving license to come back, its taking its time, wonder if they are contacting the hospital???

What ever was the problem with my shoulder yesterday it appears to have cleared, although if it happens again I will be visiting the Dr. The medication started to affect my stomach, not nice.

I might sit and read whilst DB is out this afternoon. I have some gratin left from last night which I will have for my supper, along with a small slice of the apple sponge I made for dessert last night.

I have some belly pork in the pressure cooking, will add some beans, it will make 2 meals, pork and beans are quite a favourite here.

Right need to sort DB's bacon Sarnies for him, he needs to go out at 2pm...................may be back later.


  1. Catching up with your blog.

    Growing up we had a fireplace for heating the sitting room and also the hot water. You had to move a lever at the back to direct the heat to the boiler. Mum and Dad always moved the sofa up toward the fire in the winter. Glad to hear your family will help you with this very soon.

    Sorry about your shoulder. I woke up with a nasty ache in the top of my shoulder. Have put some hot/cold cream on it and will then take a hot shower to work it out. My good friend always says 'good thing we didn't know how it would be getting old'.

    Take care.

  2. How exciting to anticipate the coming change in the furniture arrangement in your sitting room! What fun that will be after the work is over with.

    Sorry to hear that your shoulder was fussing with your yesterday. I've found all of those medicines (even aspirin) cause me tummy misery if not taken with food and/or a glass of water. It wasn't that way when I was younger ... sigh!

    Hope your new driver's license is already on the way to you!

    We have a good chance of rain today and tonight so hope it lands here!



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