Saturday, 26 September 2015

Goodness more sun

Another lovely sunny morning. DB in the garden, the chap has been and put the new grass down, so now we have to water it night and morning for the next week or so. I wish we had the outside tap it would make life a lot easier.

We have a bit of a mystery in the close. P & B went off on Monday, I knew they were going away for a few days, although they did not say when they were going.

Last night the lights were on in the house, but no car......and it would appear that B is there on her own. I am loathe to go over in case something has happened to P. I might gather up courage and give her a ring a bit later.

Liver and sausage for supper tonight, I need to portion the liver it will do us another couple of suppers with either bacon or sausage.

Think I might sit in the garden and read this afternoon, make the most of the sun whilst we have it.


  1. I spent the morning in the garden, just made 4 lb of apple and strawberry jam and am back outside to pootle round. As you say we must enjoy it while we may.

  2. Love your new grass in the back garden and I, too, wish you had that much-needed faucet in the back of the house. I think this is the first garden photo I've seen that shows the uphill slope toward the back of the garden.

    Hope all is well with P& B.

    An arvo sitting in your pretty and sunny garden sounds lovely. It's chilly and drizzling here so I won't be doing that.


  3. The garden looks great with the new lawn. Hope all is well with your neighbor.


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