Monday, 14 September 2015

Boring Day

Woke up to rain and its rained most of the day, its now just about 4pm and its almost dark enough to put the lights on.

Monday clean done, DB pushed the dyson round, it was too wet for him to go our, although he did manage a few minutes after lunch.

He had a dizzy this morning, its 4 months since the last one, hey ho.......

I lit the fire after lunch, it was quite chilly, started it off with coal and then made it up with wood.

I have done nothing this afternoon except read, so I have finished all mt library books, will have to resort to the Ipad and kindle.

Pacemaker clinic tomorrow, wonder what that will bring........


  1. Oh, lovely rain and the enforced enjoyment of so quiet time after tasks were finished. Nice! It sounds like the sort of day you needed after the busy weekend and the pacemaker appt. tomorrow.

    Wishing you good news at tomorrow's appt and that you can resume doing anything and everything you want to do.

    It's delightfully cool here this morning and the sun is shining.


  2. Hope your appointment at the Pacemaker Clinic goes well and you are given the all clear to resume regular activities. It's nice you've had a restful afternoon and can have a fire to warm the chilly autumn evenings. Cheers, Nanny Anny in Canada


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