Thursday, 3 September 2015

Autumn is coming

Thats for sure, there is a distinct chill in the air this morning. Fine and the sun is doing its best but still very cool.

Cooked the mince for 'mince and taties' for supper. DB was shovelling manure in the garden and making a heap in the top  corner for the manure that needs to stand for a bit.

HM soup for lunch, used some ham stock from the freezer to make lentil soup........scrummy.

As my hand whisk has gone the way of all flesh yesterday I am going to have a bash at using the blending disc on my Bamix to mix up a packet of shop sponge mix for a rhubarb steamed sponge for dessert, hopefully it will last us a couple of days.

I lit the fire last last, the grate worked ok, but the wood seems to still be damp so will have to use coal for a bit. Not going to buy any more wood, but will not get anymore from that chap when I do need more. Just now we are leaving the shed door open every opportunity we can to help it to dry out a bit more. Dry wood should feel light in your hand.

The postman knocked the door, the new letter box cover we had put on yesterday has broken, it was hanging down on one side. Brilliant M did not get back to do the slabs today he may come tomorrow, depends on his work load.

Its quite chilly, so the fire is lit to take the chill off the room.

I went to bed this afternoon for a Nana nap, just over half an hour, but feel better for it.

Time to get the supper on, bye for today.......


  1. Lucky you to have cool Autumn temperatures already. Today is still hot here, but starting tomorrow, for the next 10 days it's forecast to be in the 80s*F so that's a step in the right direction.

    Sorry your new post box cover is broken just a day later. They just don't make things like they used to. Sigh!

    I'm just home from taking the Santa quilt and its backing fabric to Sara for her long-arm quilting skills. The quilting pantograph pattern to be used is called Springs and Holly and I think it will look wonderful. Sara said I'd have the quilt returned to be well before early November which was when I must have it.


  2. It's still cold here... but we are heading into Spring! Yaaa for that. Sorry you are heading into winter... with wet wood. That must be annoying.


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