Thursday, 17 September 2015


You switch your phone on, its dead!! where is the charger? ask me another, we have moved since the last time I charged my phone. I thought I knew where the chargers for both phones were.....wrong.

Turned the house upside down, no chargers......having searched like an idiot I opened the dresser drawer to get clean table mats out, there were the chargers. Linked up my phone........its not blooming well charging..........aarrgghhhhhhhhh................

Into town early for DB to get his ears syringed and go to the barber, I went to Morrison to do some shopping. I have started to stock up the cupboard for winter, so one or two bits have found their way in there. We had to get up early, DB had forgotten it takes us 20 minutes to get into town, he made the appointment for 9.10am.

Once we got back DB spent some time in the garden, we split the penstemon into 4 bits, two in the herbaceous border in the back the others in the front. I need to spend some time in the front, the weeds are showing their heads again.

The chaps from the council came whilst we were out and did what ever to the Japanese Knotweed, two bits of the garden are now taped off.

We are off out tomorrow, going to the Nursery at Siene Lane and then on to see my quilting friend,


After 20 minutes my phone decided to charge up.phew, I could see me having to buy another phone.


  1. Yet another busy day for you and DB but a lot was accomplished. Cheers that your phone charger decided to wake up and behave properly. My phone charger is always out and plugged in but it's gotten touchy and I have to watch to be sure the red light comes on before I walk away.

    More cheers that the Japanese knotweed has been dealt a decided blow! Now, if only those loo remodlers would come, work quickly and perfectly, and then depart in a timely manner.'

    Have fun tomorrow and please tell your quilting friend hello from me!


  2. It's fun buying a new phone... so have fun! lol


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