Monday, 28 September 2015

Another glorious autumn day

Well we have had another glorious day, fine and quite warm in the sun. DB spent most of the day in the garden.

I put a load of laundry in, the blessed machine has broken again, chap cannot get to me until wednesday, so stuff will need washing again, cannot open the door. Hope the good weather continues.

Monday clean done, also made a ring of scone, we had the lady coming this afternoon who lent us the large plant pots to collect them. DB had washed them in Jeyes fluid.

Not done much this afternoon other than read. People came just after 4pm, so tea and scones. We will wait for our supper till about 7pm, the scone filled us up.

I sat last night undoing the two curtains I am going to put together to make one curtain for the front door. This afternoon I managed to get the two sewn together. The one curtain is now about 90" wide. I need now to put the header tape back on and sort out the bottom. DS2 will put the rail up for us when he comes in a couple of weeks, then I can put the curtain up and we will be cosy in the front hall.

I have had an idea about a present for the girls at the quilting group for Christmas, so sorted out some fabric, just need to make up my mind which to use.

Cheese fritatta and salad for supper, we will finish off the apple and blackberry crumble for dessert.


  1. What a nice day you've had and cheers for so much being accomplished as well as it being a lovely day. Hurrah for getting your curtain sections sewn back together, too!

    Oh, do tell what idea you've had for your quilting group!

    DIL has stayed with her parents another day to get Hospice set up for her dear mother. That unwelcome reality cannot be easy but her mother has lost so much ground in only the last 10 days there is no other choice. I wish I could be of help but am hundreds of miles too far away.


  2. Your meals always sound so delicious and I am about to make a weird request: would you mind taking a photo of your dinner to give me an idea of what your portion sizes look like. As a 'comfort' overeater who has weighed too much for years but now trying to do something about it, I am never sure just how much I should be eating and whenever I get together with family/friends, we ALL end up eating much more than normal. I hope I'm not being too nosey or intrusive ..... I am just curious.

    Belinda in US


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