Saturday, 19 September 2015

An Early Autumn Day

Its been a glorious day, we spent the morning weeding and putting bulbs into the front garden. The sun was warm and fleeces soon came off and were hung on the gate.

We had a short rest after lunch sitting reading in the sunshine in the garden. DB went off to cut the two lawn at the front, as there appeared to be rain clouds blowing up.

A cup of tea and a cake donated by my quilting friend, DB decided to load the car to go to the stables early tomorrow for more manure. I planted a fox tail lily, I have wanted one for ages, fingers crossed it grows, they are such beautiful flowers.

Around 4pm it started to feel chilly, the sun had gone and a breeze sprung up. I decided to light the sitting room fire, the temperature is to dip quite severely overnight. Fingers crossed we do not get a frost, it will kill the beans which are just starting to produce. I took 2 medium sized courgettes off the plant, will do them in some butter for supper tomorrow.

No sewing done. I need to check I have everything for this coming weeks quilt group meeting. Including the instructions  for a block that can be made into a table runner or mats.


  1. We have stables near and they sell the manure for £2 a bag, it is well rotted and they deliver for free. I put 20 bags in last year and will put some more in next year. I have about a 1/4 of my bulbs in the ground, maybe Monday, the forecast is good.

  2. It's good to hear the weather cooperated with your plans to plant and work in the garden today. Applause for all you and DB accomplished! I will keep my fingers crossed that you have no frost until the beans are harvested and that your new fox tail lily flourishes to delight you in the spring and summer.

    One of the things I love most about quilting is that quilt blocks can be made into one block wall quilts, table toppers, or place mats, and more blocks can make table runners all the way to king size quilts!

    Our weather is supposed to cool off tomorrow and cool even more in the coming week.


    How lovely of your quilting friend to send a cake home with you! Yum!!

  3. Your garden is amazing. My husband always uses cow manure and everything grows so well.


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