Sunday, 27 September 2015

An Autumn Morning

A very cool 8c when we got up, a lot of mist obscuring the sun, it gradually cleared so by noon it was quite bright.

DB slept in this morning, so we were late getting up, no problem, nothing spoiling.

He sat and read for a while, then had a cup of tea and went out to the garden. I cleaned out and reset the fire, we lit it last night, it was very chilly once the sun went down.

I started to cook the large bag of mince I defrosted yesterday, it has made enough for a shepherds pie for tonight and two 3/4 full pots for spag bol or mince and dough balls, once the pots are cooled they will go in the freezer.

Whilst the mince was cooking I put a loaf on and we went and did the freezer audit. I also peeled and part cooked apples for a blackberry and apple crumble for tonights dessert.Menu and shopping lists done too. Quite a productive morning one way or another.

I will be spending the afternoon on the settee reading and possibly undoing the two curtains I am going to make into one for the front door. 

No reading done, its takem me most of the afternoon to sort the curtains, I now have them ready to sew together once I have pressed the creases from the old sewing lines out. May be will get to them tomorrow afternoon.

DB is just watering the new grass, its been a lovely sunny afternoon, but the temperature is beginning to drop back again.


  1. Yes it sounds like your weather has changed to Autumn feeling, that is quite low down to 46 Fahrenheit. It is official Autumn or Fall as they call it here in the Midwest United States but we are still wearing shorts. It has not been that cold at night dropping into the 60's and today will reach a high of 79. The days are becoming shorter and a few leaves are falling.

    You are very good at just about all household tasks. Once you have the curtain for your door it will feel much warmer. Your food sounds nice. Are your blackberries from the hedge rows? I would like a serving of your crumble please.

  2. You and DB certainly did have a productive morning and good, less taxing tasks this arvo. What color(s) are the curtains destined for the front door?

    I hope the new grass has time to get well rooted before the winter weather arrives.

    It has been intermittently sunny and cloudy here today with a temperature of 72*F so is a tad chilly, I've washed two laundry loads with one mostly dry and the other still washing.

    Am choosing binding for the small wall quilt I finished yesterday but need to do the wavy stitch in the outer border before putting on the binding.



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