Sunday, 20 September 2015

A rather sad day

I was shocked when DB told me that Jackie Collins had passed away from breast cancer. I saw her on TV recently and she looked just great, but then both she and her sister Joan always looked good.

I have read several of her 'racy' novels, yes they are racy but I enjoyed reading them, her Lucky Santangelo books, which are stand alone novels should be put together as a series.

An overcast morning with some mist has morphed into another bright sunny day, there is a chill in the air, but the wind has dropped, its just a gentle breeze.

As tomorrows weather is forecast to be dire I stripped the bed and its now almost dry, on the whirly in the garden. I also washed the fleecy throw from off the chair in the bedroom, it is cream and was looking a little grubby.

DB went to the stables for more manure, we have quite a pile at the top of the garden, it will get used when it has rotted down a bit. DB also put a bucketful into the composter.

Loaf on and have done the veg for supper. We are having chicken breast with apricots and brandy for a change, its ages sine I did it. Chicken breasts can cost almost as much as a chicken these days, so I do not do it very often.

We lit the fire last night, so it has been cleaned and re-laid ready to light again.

I am not very happy with my printer, I use it a lot to print stuff off for the quilting group, yesterday I was printing stuff for the Christmas things and half way through it told me it was running low on ink. I only put new ink cartridges in a couple of weeks ago. I am not happy, have had to spend over £40 on ink in the last few weeks. I know I do not pay for it, it is covered by the group fees, but £40 is a lot out. I will need to research one that uses cheaper ink for when this one goes to the printer graveyard.

I cannot use compatible inks, I did try and the blessed thing refused to acknowledge the cartridges and would not work.

Time to hop off and sort out some lunch...............


  1. Yes, sad news indeed - she and Joan were quite a pair of sisters!
    Printers, grrrrrrrr! We are ready to toss our HP which is not that old. The ink costs a fortune - we always use HP brand for the reason you mention. Let me know if you find a good one - I'll try it perhaps.
    Anne, your garden is looking fabulous - can you and E come work on mine please? It's such a mess and so much needs to be done!
    Hugs - Mary

  2. It was a sad surprise to hear about Jackie Collins' death. I've read a few of her books, too.

    Your supper plans sound scrumptious but I hear you on the cost of meat at the grocery. Shudder!

    Bother about the printer and I wish you well on your search for a better one that uses more economical ink.

    It's cooler here today, just 80*F for the expected high and the coming week is forecast to have highs in the 70s*F! Few trees are turning colors yet, tho.


  3. I was very surprised to read of Jackie Collins. Apparently she was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 years ago but decided to keep it private.
    Printers and there ink drive me crazy! It's almost as cheap to buy a new printer as buy more ink cartridges!! Ridiculous!

  4. Another Jackie Collins fan here. I'm lucky to be able to use compatable cartridges in my Epson printer and it saves loads of money. I find the printouts just as good as with the genuine ink.

  5. I use print cartridges a lot, and have found that the best buy is on ebay for out of date cartridges that work fine.


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