Wednesday, 9 September 2015

A bit of a jolly

We decided to have a ride up to Bingham, we live almost on the border between Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. We are closer to Bingham than to Melton and they are building an Aldi in Bingham, so it would make sense for us to use that branch rather than Melton, unless we are actually in town for something else.

We were pleasantly surprised at the centre, quite compact but with a good range of shops and a fabulous independent DIY shop, we had a good rootle round in there.

It was cold during the night, I was surprised at the warmth the fire had actually pushed out into the sitting room last night, when I opened the door to the hall when we went to bed it was decidedly cooler in the hall and bedrooms. I guess I will have to sort out the heavier quilt, I think we may need it soon. I must admit the electric blanket has come into use, we put it on 6 when we go for our nightly slosh, by the time we are ready to get into bed its nice and warm and we can turn the blanket off.

Need to sort the supper, cauliflower and broccoli gratin, jacket potatoes and roast tomato's. I am going to make a coconut sponge for dessert. My new hand mixer arrived yesterday, so I can try it out.

No plans for the afternoon apart from prepping the supper.


  1. the prefabs were so cold, but I expect that your modernised one will be warmer. I can remember my mum making 'sausages' out of old pieces of cloth and stuffing them, they went onto the bottom of the windows to catch the condensation. Warm in Summer and Cold in Winter, that was the prefabs. Of course it did not help that we had oil cloth on the floors and I remember having to jump onto the mat so that the cold of the floor would not make me feel freezing. This was in the 40's and the 50's and few houses had central heating. The fire in the lounge was the only heating we had and I can remember my mum buying a convector fire, Oh, how I loved it and it was moveable . . .bliss. I just love your home and should you fancy a swap let me know. much love xxx

  2. What fun to have an adventure in the other direction where the new Aldi will be and that there are other good shops there!

    Oh, your comments about turning on your electric blanket early so the bed is warm when you get in it reminded me of my Dad's comment long ago. We gave them an electric blanket for Christmas one year, and Mom and Dad couldn't imagine needing one. A month or so later, Dad told me there was nothing nicer than getting into a warm bed. Like you, they turned it on to warm the bed, then turned it off when they got in.



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