Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Thank Heavens

The problem with the washer was not terminal. The chap has repaired it, but he did say he did not know how long oit would last, so I need to start saving for a  new washer at some point. The laundry that was stuck in it has been re-washed and is now out on the line, dancing in the breeze we have which is keeping the temperature down despite the sun.

We decided to do to Aldi at Grantham and do the shopping. OH changed his appointment to next week when he has to be in toen anyway.

Aldi was very busy, much as usual, it was quite a shock when we got the bill, but I have been using stuff from the store cupboard which we needed to replace and I have also started the winter stores as well. The lady on the till told us that the store in Bingham, which is only 7 miles from here, is to open before March next year. Work has already started to clear the site.

Supper is prepped OH is in the garden. I am going to have half an hour with a book, get my breath back, so to speak.

There will be some pictures appearing on the blog of plates of food, if you read the comments from yesterday you will see why.

Todays offering is sausage and bean casserole, with mash, carrots and calebrese. Dessert is a steamed lemon sponge with some cream.

No idea why its done this, we do not eat dessert before our main course. Steamed lemon sponge.

Two small portions of the sponge. The left over pudding will be used tomorrow and friday. I cover the pudding with an upturned pudding bowl, keep it in the fridge, 1 minute in the micro on medium and its reheated.

Main course, 2 ice cream scoops of mashed potato, carrots and calebrese 2 sausages, cooked with some left over bean salad. Sauce is stock cube, chopped garlic and tomato puree.

One way to cut down what you eat is to use a smaller plate, that way your brain thinks there is more food there because the plate is smaller.

I will post pictures of our suppers for the next few nights.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Wonderful weather again

Quieter day today, I seem to have been on the go all day but not sure what I have done. I made macaroni cheese this morning for tonights supper. DB has again spent most of the day in the garden, he has his shallots and onions in now. No buying onions next year.

I have been messing about in the sewing room, sewing a block I made about 7 years ago, I need to source some fabric for back ground, might have to go to Kisco, I need a couple of yards of fairly cheap stuff. I might find something in Boyes, they have some reasonable fabric.

We lit the fire last night, it got very cold as the sun went down, it laid ready to light if we need it tonight.

Its been another sunny day but not as warm as yesterday, the leaves are turning.

The chap is coming to the washer tomorrow, I need everything crossed that it can be repaired for less than having to buy a new one. It is 7 years old and has been moved a number of times.

OH has an appointment with the blood pressure nurse, in the morning, he is not happy because they will not accept that his medication is why it is  high.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Another glorious autumn day

Well we have had another glorious day, fine and quite warm in the sun. DB spent most of the day in the garden.

I put a load of laundry in, the blessed machine has broken again, chap cannot get to me until wednesday, so stuff will need washing again, cannot open the door. Hope the good weather continues.

Monday clean done, also made a ring of scone, we had the lady coming this afternoon who lent us the large plant pots to collect them. DB had washed them in Jeyes fluid.

Not done much this afternoon other than read. People came just after 4pm, so tea and scones. We will wait for our supper till about 7pm, the scone filled us up.

I sat last night undoing the two curtains I am going to put together to make one curtain for the front door. This afternoon I managed to get the two sewn together. The one curtain is now about 90" wide. I need now to put the header tape back on and sort out the bottom. DS2 will put the rail up for us when he comes in a couple of weeks, then I can put the curtain up and we will be cosy in the front hall.

I have had an idea about a present for the girls at the quilting group for Christmas, so sorted out some fabric, just need to make up my mind which to use.

Cheese fritatta and salad for supper, we will finish off the apple and blackberry crumble for dessert.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

An Autumn Morning

A very cool 8c when we got up, a lot of mist obscuring the sun, it gradually cleared so by noon it was quite bright.

DB slept in this morning, so we were late getting up, no problem, nothing spoiling.

He sat and read for a while, then had a cup of tea and went out to the garden. I cleaned out and reset the fire, we lit it last night, it was very chilly once the sun went down.

I started to cook the large bag of mince I defrosted yesterday, it has made enough for a shepherds pie for tonight and two 3/4 full pots for spag bol or mince and dough balls, once the pots are cooled they will go in the freezer.

Whilst the mince was cooking I put a loaf on and we went and did the freezer audit. I also peeled and part cooked apples for a blackberry and apple crumble for tonights dessert.Menu and shopping lists done too. Quite a productive morning one way or another.

I will be spending the afternoon on the settee reading and possibly undoing the two curtains I am going to make into one for the front door. 

No reading done, its takem me most of the afternoon to sort the curtains, I now have them ready to sew together once I have pressed the creases from the old sewing lines out. May be will get to them tomorrow afternoon.

DB is just watering the new grass, its been a lovely sunny afternoon, but the temperature is beginning to drop back again.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Goodness more sun

Another lovely sunny morning. DB in the garden, the chap has been and put the new grass down, so now we have to water it night and morning for the next week or so. I wish we had the outside tap it would make life a lot easier.

We have a bit of a mystery in the close. P & B went off on Monday, I knew they were going away for a few days, although they did not say when they were going.

Last night the lights were on in the house, but no car......and it would appear that B is there on her own. I am loathe to go over in case something has happened to P. I might gather up courage and give her a ring a bit later.

Liver and sausage for supper tonight, I need to portion the liver it will do us another couple of suppers with either bacon or sausage.

Think I might sit in the garden and read this afternoon, make the most of the sun whilst we have it.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Sun again?

It was very late before I got up. I had taken pain killers last night as my wrist was very sore, they, along with being tired from the quilt group must have made me really sleep, it was almost 9.30 before I was any where near being sensible!!

DB was out in the shed, its contents scattered all over the lawn, looked like we were having a boot sale. I did a very thorough Friday clean, including moving stuff in the kitchen so I could wash the floor under them.

Lunch was some left over leek and potato soup with bread. Supper prepared, fish, wedges and peas. I made a rice pudding in the microwave for dessert, its not quite as thick as I like it, so when the wedges are done I might just give it 5 more minutes and see if it thickens up a bit more.

We decided to walk down to the post office after we had our tea and scone, we needed to collect the TV magazine and I wanted to put a notice in.

The sun was very warm through the glass this morning, but since lunch a chilly breeze has sprung up, may have to light the fire again tonight, the temperature drops quite steeply once the sun goes.

No idea what we are going to be doing over the weekend. Rob was supposed to be laying the grass today, no sign of him so far.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Quilt Group Day

Not much done this morning apart from wash towels and hang them out. Had an early lunch and then on to the quilt group. Only 4 ladies there, some on holiday.......

Showed them the new block and we also reviewed the projects for Christmas.

I was shattered when I got home. Seem to have done something to my left wrist, have a support on it and taken some pain killers.

I cooked a couple of salmon fillets before I went out this lunchtime. I like salmon, but not keen on it hot, so cooked it in the juice of half a lemon and left it to go cold. We had it with salad for supper. DB finished off the apple crumble, delicious.

Sorry its a short entry today, but I am shattered. Its the first time I have driven since the beginning of June.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Sunny Day

Lovely sunny morning, the sitting room and front bedroom were quite warm in the sun.

2 loads of laundry done and just about dry on the whirly. DB has spent most of the day pottering in he garden and cutting the back lawn.

Leek and potato soup made for lunch we had it with garlic bread. 

DD2 arrived just before 11am, DGD has not broken her foot but has stretched the ligaments and got soft tissue damage, so is at home with her foot up. That's twice this month she has ended up at the hospital.

It was good to have DD2 here catching up on the news and about her job. She went back on the bus just before 3pm for an appointment in town.

Now it has turned a bit chilly, may have to close the back door, but will put off lighting the fire for a couple of hours. I made a beef casserole yesterday, so supper tonight is beef casserole with sage dumpling, green beans and cauliflower. When we have dumpling I do not do potato's.

I have been asked to put up the recipes for the bacon and tomato sauce and also the leek and potato soup, bear with me, I will put a new page up with them on. I must admit although trained as a chef, I do tend to chuck things in the pan and hope.......

Need to check my things for tomorrow, there will only be 5 in the class, We were down to 8 members and 3 of them are away on holiday. It will be the first time I have driven since I came out of hospital.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Think my mo jo must be coming back......late waking up, DB had brought my breakfast through and told me the chap had been to fit the carbon monoxide  detector in the sitting room. The chap is going to have to come back, our bathroom heater went bang and clouds of smoke in the bathroom last night. It was a bit chilly, I had to open the window to let the smoke out.

Once up and dressed I made tomato and bacon sauce to go on the pasta for tonights supper. An apple crumble also for supper. A ring of scone, we are expecting DD2 tomorrow,  will also have to make a pot of soup in the morning. I then put a beef stew in the pressure cooker for tomorrow night. Apart from my hip and leg jumping a bit I am fine. So I think I must be gradually improving.

I am sick of the weather, the forecast yesterday was for rain today, its very cold but fine. I could have done a load of laundry and got it dry, will have to hope its fine tomorrow and I can get it done then.

DB spent all morning washing out the plant pots we borrowed when we moved, the path outside the back door reeks of jeyes fluid. I need to contact Shelia and get her to come and collect them, then she and her husband can have a look round and see what we have managed with G's help to get done.

We had lit the fire last night, so have relaid it ready to light later. As we were burning wood there is very little ash in the pan, it will do another night. DB is mixing the ash with the manure in the heap standing at the top of the garden. You have to store wood ash for 12 months before putting on the garden.

We have written to the council and asked for permission to put up a fence and gate at the side of the house, at the moment anyone can just walk round the back and into the garden, so not very safe. DS2 will sort it for us, but we need to get permission first. I have also sorted how to hang a curtain over the front door, once again DS2 and his drill will be needed. we are going to have to curve a rail round onto the side wall to enable to curtain to be drawn back to open the door.

We still have over 200 bulbs to put in the back garden, might get round to putting some of them in later in the week.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Wet day

It had clearly been raining when we drew the curtains this morning. Monday clean was done with help from DB. By lunchtime it was chucking it down.

I had an appointment at the hearing clinic, my hearing aid was stuffed up with wax. The techie put a new stem on it and put a new battery in, turned it up a bit and off I went. We were on our way to the Council Offices with a letter when I realised it was not working, so back to the clinic we went. I was fortunate that the techie saw me straight away, he messed about for a few minutes and all was fixed. He did say if it went again to phone and make another appointment. Fingers crossed its ok now, he has told me what I was not told in the first place to wash the ear piece out each week with soapy water and then rinse it well with clear warm water, make sure its dry before re assembling the ear piece.

Off then to the library to get more books and then for DB's INR, he has to go back in a month.

At home I found a form from the DVLC with a questionnaire about my pacemaker, so I filled it in and signed it and off to the post Office to post it and draw the housekeeping money and our monthly pocket money.

By now the rain had stopped and the sun was shining, I have lit the fire, although the sun is out its quite cold.

DB saw the chap who is going to lay our turf, he is coming towards the end of the week as long as the weather is ok. So we will have a piece of flat grass to have the table and chairs on, maybe not this summer but certainly next.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

A rather sad day

I was shocked when DB told me that Jackie Collins had passed away from breast cancer. I saw her on TV recently and she looked just great, but then both she and her sister Joan always looked good.

I have read several of her 'racy' novels, yes they are racy but I enjoyed reading them, her Lucky Santangelo books, which are stand alone novels should be put together as a series.

An overcast morning with some mist has morphed into another bright sunny day, there is a chill in the air, but the wind has dropped, its just a gentle breeze.

As tomorrows weather is forecast to be dire I stripped the bed and its now almost dry, on the whirly in the garden. I also washed the fleecy throw from off the chair in the bedroom, it is cream and was looking a little grubby.

DB went to the stables for more manure, we have quite a pile at the top of the garden, it will get used when it has rotted down a bit. DB also put a bucketful into the composter.

Loaf on and have done the veg for supper. We are having chicken breast with apricots and brandy for a change, its ages sine I did it. Chicken breasts can cost almost as much as a chicken these days, so I do not do it very often.

We lit the fire last night, so it has been cleaned and re-laid ready to light again.

I am not very happy with my printer, I use it a lot to print stuff off for the quilting group, yesterday I was printing stuff for the Christmas things and half way through it told me it was running low on ink. I only put new ink cartridges in a couple of weeks ago. I am not happy, have had to spend over £40 on ink in the last few weeks. I know I do not pay for it, it is covered by the group fees, but £40 is a lot out. I will need to research one that uses cheaper ink for when this one goes to the printer graveyard.

I cannot use compatible inks, I did try and the blessed thing refused to acknowledge the cartridges and would not work.

Time to hop off and sort out some lunch...............

Saturday, 19 September 2015

An Early Autumn Day

Its been a glorious day, we spent the morning weeding and putting bulbs into the front garden. The sun was warm and fleeces soon came off and were hung on the gate.

We had a short rest after lunch sitting reading in the sunshine in the garden. DB went off to cut the two lawn at the front, as there appeared to be rain clouds blowing up.

A cup of tea and a cake donated by my quilting friend, DB decided to load the car to go to the stables early tomorrow for more manure. I planted a fox tail lily, I have wanted one for ages, fingers crossed it grows, they are such beautiful flowers.

Around 4pm it started to feel chilly, the sun had gone and a breeze sprung up. I decided to light the sitting room fire, the temperature is to dip quite severely overnight. Fingers crossed we do not get a frost, it will kill the beans which are just starting to produce. I took 2 medium sized courgettes off the plant, will do them in some butter for supper tomorrow.

No sewing done. I need to check I have everything for this coming weeks quilt group meeting. Including the instructions  for a block that can be made into a table runner or mats.

Friday, 18 September 2015


We set off with a picnic lunch just after 10am, we got to the nursery just before 11am and spent well over an hour looking round. I managed to spend £41, DB got a plastic cloche for starting off seeds during the spring, some other plants made their way into my basket including 2 climbing roses.

We sat in the car park and ate our picnic and a cup of tea and then set off for my quilting friends.

As usual we had a really good time, all 3 of us chatting before DB decided to take off for the conservatory to read, whilst we carried on chewing the fat. I really enjoy my visits, I got her a little pink and white cyclamen. I was looking for some paper white bukbs to do a bowl for her for Christmas but could not find any, will have to have a look on the internet.

It poured with rain most of the way home, the M1 was blocked south, tailback stretched for quite a long way and we saw a fire engine trying to get through the stationary traffic, no idea what was going on.

There was no rain when we got home, so a quick unload and into the house before it started to rain here.

We will be spending most of tomorrow in the garden getting all the bulbs in.

Thursday, 17 September 2015


You switch your phone on, its dead!! where is the charger? ask me another, we have moved since the last time I charged my phone. I thought I knew where the chargers for both phones were.....wrong.

Turned the house upside down, no chargers......having searched like an idiot I opened the dresser drawer to get clean table mats out, there were the chargers. Linked up my phone........its not blooming well charging..........aarrgghhhhhhhhh................

Into town early for DB to get his ears syringed and go to the barber, I went to Morrison to do some shopping. I have started to stock up the cupboard for winter, so one or two bits have found their way in there. We had to get up early, DB had forgotten it takes us 20 minutes to get into town, he made the appointment for 9.10am.

Once we got back DB spent some time in the garden, we split the penstemon into 4 bits, two in the herbaceous border in the back the others in the front. I need to spend some time in the front, the weeds are showing their heads again.

The chaps from the council came whilst we were out and did what ever to the Japanese Knotweed, two bits of the garden are now taped off.

We are off out tomorrow, going to the Nursery at Siene Lane and then on to see my quilting friend,


After 20 minutes my phone decided to charge up.phew, I could see me having to buy another phone.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


I managed to sleep through OH getting up, he brought my breakfast through. He was out in the garden when I got up.

Busy morning, I made a macaroni cheese for tonight, 6 small custard tarts. I had made too much custard so also filled 4 small glass dishes, we can have it with Banana.

Large pot of leek soup and a loaf of bread on for tomorrow.

After lunch we went back down to the orchard for some more apples. I am starting to put 4 weeks food away against us not being able to get out if the predicted snow comes. No point in taking risks if we don't need to. I will order some more coal and logs at the end of the month.

Collected another bag of apples, peeled and part cooked some of them, they are now coolong in containers, the just need the lids and labels on when they have cooled down.

DB also got another bowl full of blackberries, so plenty of pies coming up.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Today's the day

I go for my pacemaker check, fingers crossed the pressure has not gone up even more!!

We woke late, DB slept on till 8.30, but no rush we are retired, can get up when we want to.

Its a wet, cold morning, we lit the fire yesterday afternoon, after a couple of false starts I got it going, once the coal had burnt through I used wood which burnt very well. I put the last bits on about 8,30 and closed it right down when we went to bed. Very little ash and all good, no clinker at all.

Decided to wash my hair, It not an easy job now we do not have a shower, I find leaning over the bath difficult and the sink is very small, once the jug is in to get water to wash there is not room left. I really do not want to have to do it in the kitchen, we have enough trouble with the sink draining as it is.

We need to set off early for the hospital, I want to go to Aldi in Woodgate for a couple of things we cannot get locally, we are going to have fish and wedges tonight instead of Friday, they do not take too long to do. I know I will be shattered by the time we get home.

Will try and post tonight..........


Hospital visit went very well, no problems, everything has settled down and both wires are working ok. So I can resume normal life, but not to do anything too strenuous, so I guess hang gliding is out for now. Back for a further check in 3 months a couple of days before Christmas. Now just need to get the message over to the children who seem to think I am on my last legs, sorry such luck!!

Monday, 14 September 2015

Boring Day

Woke up to rain and its rained most of the day, its now just about 4pm and its almost dark enough to put the lights on.

Monday clean done, DB pushed the dyson round, it was too wet for him to go our, although he did manage a few minutes after lunch.

He had a dizzy this morning, its 4 months since the last one, hey ho.......

I lit the fire after lunch, it was quite chilly, started it off with coal and then made it up with wood.

I have done nothing this afternoon except read, so I have finished all mt library books, will have to resort to the Ipad and kindle.

Pacemaker clinic tomorrow, wonder what that will bring........

Sunday, 13 September 2015


Another nice day, I put Db's bowls kit in the washer so it can go away clean ready for next season.

He spent the morning in the garden tending the veg and shovelling more manure onto the beds.

I prepared the veg for supper, had a quick wipe round the bathroom and then made a cup of tea.

DB went back outside and I cut out and sewed another dresden table centre, made a mistake only cut 16 slices so when I went to put it together it would not fit, so another 4 pieces sewn and put in, its now been joined up. I am going to put the wadding on the back and use the embroidery stitches on the machine on the front. I'll then sew the backing on and bind it. I am going to experiment with smaller slices and see if I can make a decent sized place mat to match.

Supper tonight is pork steaks and roasties veg from the garden and we will finish off the crumble I made yesterday for dessert.

Getting used to the new layout, DB seems quite happy with his chair where it is, he is far enough away from the kitchen door not to get a draught from it. He can now nebb out of the window instead of me!!

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Well Crackered

With DD1 and DSIL due this afternoon I have been busy. DB brought me my breakfast in bed, then he went off to get more manure.

I made a ring of scones and started on preparing the lunch, sausage mash and baked beans. Put the Thimbleberries quilt out on the whirly to air, gave it a bashing with a piece of wood from the shed, lots of dust out, so it does look better. If we get a decent day in October I will give it a whirl in the washer. Its been finished 10 years now and never been washed, it has sat on the back of the settee for most of its life.

Emptied the dresser and rolled up the rug from in front of the fire, do not want any falls or trips.

Made an apple crumble to have for dessert and cooked the lunch which we have just eaten, I am pooped!! Will be having an hour on said settee before DD1 comes. DB is off down to the bowls club, its the last day of the season, so the finals of the competitions are being played, so he is going down to watch for an hour or so.

Once DD has gone the stuff will get put back in the dresser. might re-arrange it a bit anyway. I will also have to re hang Grandmas picture.

I have the pacemaker clinic on Tuesday, see what they have to say this time....could be interesting...............should I take my jammies with me or not?

Time to have a Nana nap before DB takes off........

DD1 and DSIL have been and gone, furniture moved......

 Settee now faces the fire, ready for the winter, all cosy.

Dresser in its new home with DB's chair at the side of it.

Friday, 11 September 2015


DB announced he had palpitations last night, needless to say he slept ok, me, well forget it. I think it was well after 4am before I drifted off, so not up early this morning.

DB still had the palps and then developed the dizzies, so was in bed till after lunch.

I did the Friday clean, cleaned out the fridge and washed the kitchen floor, shattered now.

Bright day but with a nice breeze.

Chap came last night with our winnings from the show, all £2.50 of it, along with the list of all the winners. DB had his £1, no idea what he is going to spend it on.....mine is in the penny tin.

Fish, wedges and peas for supper, there is enough of the apple sponge for dessert.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Its Sunny

There was quite a haze when we got up, but the sun has broken through and its one of those lovely early autumn days.

I have laundry out, it should dry ok today.

DB is bowling this afternoon, his last match of the season, although he will go down on Saturday for the competition finals.

DD2 and SIL are coming Saturday afternoon to change round the sitting room, Settee going where the dresser is now and the dresser in the corner as you go into the kitchen, DB's chair will also get moved over a bit. DB and I can no longer move the heavy furniture, it takes me all my time to move the lighter things. I was hoping to feel a bit stronger by now. Will be asking a few questions when I next go to the clinic. I am also waiting for my driving license to come back, its taking its time, wonder if they are contacting the hospital???

What ever was the problem with my shoulder yesterday it appears to have cleared, although if it happens again I will be visiting the Dr. The medication started to affect my stomach, not nice.

I might sit and read whilst DB is out this afternoon. I have some gratin left from last night which I will have for my supper, along with a small slice of the apple sponge I made for dessert last night.

I have some belly pork in the pressure cooking, will add some beans, it will make 2 meals, pork and beans are quite a favourite here.

Right need to sort DB's bacon Sarnies for him, he needs to go out at 2pm...................may be back later.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

A bit of a jolly

We decided to have a ride up to Bingham, we live almost on the border between Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. We are closer to Bingham than to Melton and they are building an Aldi in Bingham, so it would make sense for us to use that branch rather than Melton, unless we are actually in town for something else.

We were pleasantly surprised at the centre, quite compact but with a good range of shops and a fabulous independent DIY shop, we had a good rootle round in there.

It was cold during the night, I was surprised at the warmth the fire had actually pushed out into the sitting room last night, when I opened the door to the hall when we went to bed it was decidedly cooler in the hall and bedrooms. I guess I will have to sort out the heavier quilt, I think we may need it soon. I must admit the electric blanket has come into use, we put it on 6 when we go for our nightly slosh, by the time we are ready to get into bed its nice and warm and we can turn the blanket off.

Need to sort the supper, cauliflower and broccoli gratin, jacket potatoes and roast tomato's. I am going to make a coconut sponge for dessert. My new hand mixer arrived yesterday, so I can try it out.

No plans for the afternoon apart from prepping the supper.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015


A very dull day, it started bright but soon deteriorated, we did have a slight shower at lunchtime.

DB spent some time in the garden this morning. I did the ironing from yesterday and then decided to make a 3 dudes block for the group to try and conquer. Conquer is the right word, you have to be methodical when making it or it can go very wrong!!

There are several ways you can join the blocks together, its fun seeing which one you like best.

Will be lighting the fire again tonight, its a bit parky. It did go much better last night, just made it up once and it was still slightly warm when I cleared it out this morning. I just need some kind souls to come and help us to move the furniture round so I can sit in front of the fire and toast my toes.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Down to Earth

after yesterday afternoon, life is back to normal.

Thank you for the comments about our success yesterday, they are appreciated. For any of you who want to see the quilt on a bed and a close up of some of the work on it, if you go to Quilts, quilts and more quilts above the header picture of the garden, the quilt is the first few photographs you come to.

Despite a forecast to the contrary we have bright sun this morning although it is very chill DB says the thermometer is down to 10c this morning, a bit warmer than yesterday. Its time to start closing the back door when I am in the kitchen....its brrrrrrr.

Several things to do this morning, laundry is in the washer, I need to do the Monday clean and also make a large pan of soup, winter is coming. I pulled some of the leeks yesterday to make leek and potato soup.

DB has a couple of appointments at the Drs, his INR and also a blood test. He needs to nip in and get his glasses fixed, the lens kept falling out yesterday.

May be back later.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Village Show

Today was the village show. Its usually held in the village hall but as the hall was already booked the Baptist Church in the village kindly lent their marquee.

We went down early to put in our exhibits, 5 photographs, 4 for DB and one of mine and I also entered the friend ship quilt.

We went back after lunch to see what had won prizes:

First prize for DB with this photograph of a Canadian Soldier on the War Memorial in Princes Street Gardens.

The dovecot at Phanatisse in East Lothian. a second for me in the class.

I was busy looking to see what, if anything, our photographs had got when DB said, 'come and look at your quilt'. There was a red label on it a first prize, but also best in the class and Best in Show!! I was speechless.

I came home with these

Its the first time I have even entered a village show of any description. In the village for just over 2 months and I walked away with best in show. I was asked by some ladies who wanted to see the quilt opened up if I would join the local Women's Institute!! Not so sure about that!! We have £2.50 in prize money to come as well.

The Friendship quilt is very special to me, some of the fabrics came from my friend Barbara in the US. My quilting guru cotton reel did the applique for the top and it was machine quilted by Aileen Bunker in Eyemouth. Really all I did was put the strips together.

It was dull and a very cool 8c when we got up but has turned into a glorious day, sun shining and quite warm.

Loaf on and the lamb is in the oven for supper, I need to come down off cloud nine.

Saturday, 5 September 2015


Did not hear DB getting up, must have been due to me taking a dose of pain killers last night.

When I did get up we went down to the community orchard, lots of fruit trees with fruit on, but sadly neglected. Many of the branches were weighed down to the ground, too much small fruit on them, the fruit will never get any bigger, there is just no room for them to expand. It looks as if the trees have not been pruned for many years. I did come home with half a bag of cooking apples, but there is virtually no flesh on the eating apples at all.

Back home there was a lively discussion about how to plant the strawberry plants. DB is so set in his ways he just cannot seem to see the concept of new ways of planting. Eventually I left him to it and came inside. I told him he can grow the fruit and veg anyway he likes, I will cook it and that's all. He did manage to do a job I asked him to do 5 weeks ago. So there is now a bed for the second lot of lavender plants. The others have been on for over 6 weeks, so lets hope the plants catch up.

Finished off the HM lentil soup, I pulled 3 leeks,they will make a pot of leek and potato soup tomorrow. Shoulder of lamb taken out of the freezer for tomorrows supper.

Its the village show tomorrow, so we need to be down at the green before 11am to put our entries in. We have to go back to collect them or they are auctioned off. No way are they going to auction my friendship quilt off. What is strange we have to pay £2 to go in and see if our entries have won anything. Odd.....

The weather is changeable, one minute its sunny the next overcast, there is a chilly breeze blowing too. I can see the fire being lit at supper time.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Despite the clouds, no rain

Its been fine all day although the sky was saying something else.

DD arrived just after 11am, we had a discussion about moving the settee and swapping it for the dresser, so the settee is opposite the fire, I think it will happen, just not yet. I will contact my elder daughter and her husband and get them to come over and give us a hand to move things round.

After lunch we sat chatting for a while, then a cup of tea and a slice of lemon drizzle cake and we were off into town. DB went to Yorkshire Trading whilst DD2 and I ran round Morrison for groceries. We took DD2 home and had a cup of tea, then off to the library for new books. We put the books in the car and nipped over to Boyes, we got the side and back coal savers and also a companion set which had been reduced, so we are all set for the winter.

Back at home DB put the shopping away whilst I got the supper on. We finished off the rhubarb and sponge I made yesterday with a drop of cream.

Its not so cold tonight so I have not lit the fire.

Tired now, its Saturday tomorrow so I can have a bit of a lie in.

We saw this over the roof tops this evening.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Autumn is coming

Thats for sure, there is a distinct chill in the air this morning. Fine and the sun is doing its best but still very cool.

Cooked the mince for 'mince and taties' for supper. DB was shovelling manure in the garden and making a heap in the top  corner for the manure that needs to stand for a bit.

HM soup for lunch, used some ham stock from the freezer to make lentil soup........scrummy.

As my hand whisk has gone the way of all flesh yesterday I am going to have a bash at using the blending disc on my Bamix to mix up a packet of shop sponge mix for a rhubarb steamed sponge for dessert, hopefully it will last us a couple of days.

I lit the fire last last, the grate worked ok, but the wood seems to still be damp so will have to use coal for a bit. Not going to buy any more wood, but will not get anymore from that chap when I do need more. Just now we are leaving the shed door open every opportunity we can to help it to dry out a bit more. Dry wood should feel light in your hand.

The postman knocked the door, the new letter box cover we had put on yesterday has broken, it was hanging down on one side. Brilliant M did not get back to do the slabs today he may come tomorrow, depends on his work load.

Its quite chilly, so the fire is lit to take the chill off the room.

I went to bed this afternoon for a Nana nap, just over half an hour, but feel better for it.

Time to get the supper on, bye for today.......

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

One of those days

Yes it has been. Forecast was for rain this afternoon, so the laundry went in the washing machine and on the line.

DB was down at the stables getting more manure, I put on a loaf, I forgot  to put on yesterday.

After we had our lunch I decided to put a lemon drizzle cake in the oven, was just about to put the hand mixer into the bowl when DB shouted it was raining, by the time we had taken everything off it had stopped!! Not happy as some of it was still decidedly damp, it went in the dryer.

Switched on the mixer, nowt........of all days it decided to pack in so ended up making a one step cake with a wooden spoon, it has not risen as much as it usually does, tough, it will have to be eaten. So now it looks as if I will have to buy a new hand mixer. I must admit it was over 20 years old and I have used it regularly, but after my experience with the toaster and kettle I doubt a replacement is going to last as long.

First thing DB went into the garden and discovered that M had left his tools on top of the dustbin, they had been there all night in full view of the road. Had we still been living in the town I very much doubt we would have found them still there. I phoned M, he is coming this afternoon anyway, so will pick them up then.

DB has to go for his dental appointment shortly. I am not going with him, will stay at home and save my money.

Almost grate now fitted laid with some firelighter and stick to check the chimney tonight.

The old grate.

The new grate, fire laid ready to light.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Rods needed

The plumber came this afternoon to sort out the drain, what a gay day. Arm down the drain from the kitchen first, lumps of heaven knows what, drain rods were required........after a lot of pushing and shoving great lumps of foul smelling fat appeared. Nothing to do with us, it had been there for years. Good job we are not on a water meter, we ran gallons down to make sure the pipes were clear.

A cup of tea and two scones disappeared. He will be back tomorrow to put down 2 new slabs outside the coal shed.

The new fire grate has been fitted today as well, we have to wait 24 hours for the cement to prove, then we can light a small fire to check everything is ok. Looking forward to having a fire during the autumn evenings.

Not much else done really. Its been fine for most of the day DB has spent some time in the garden, I have spent all day pottering but not really done much. I have got my friendship quilt out and draped it over the ironing board and a chair, I am entering it in the local show this weekend. DB has also looked out some of his photos to enter.

DB has a visit to the dentist tomorrow with his new plate, it had rubbed his gum quite badly.

DD2 is coming on Friday to check on us, we need to go to Morrisons and the library, so will give her a lift home.