Saturday, 29 August 2015

Winter must be on its way

We had porridge for breakfast this morning, DB had asked for cornflakes whilst the weather was so warm. We finished the packet yesterday so this morning it was back to good old porridge.

DB is having a problem coping with the new cooker, we have always had a gas hob, so cooking with an electric hob is a bit foreign to him......I keep telling him practice  makes perfect!!

I decided to clean the kitchen this morning, I was too crackered yesterday after moving the settee to hoover behind it, to tackle the kitchen. I am royally crackered now, but its done, windows sparkling, surfaces scrubbed within an inch of their lives and all DB's muddy foot marks cleaned off the floor.

I will be doing nothing this afternoon except sitting and either reading or sleeping!! I will cook supper, its DB's favourite, full English for supper with fried bread.

DB has put in more plants in the front. Two potted delphiniums that the slugs had decimated are showing some new growth, so they have had some slug pellets put round them and put on the table out of harms way (I hope). If they come OK they will be planted out in the spring. I re-potted the camellia, it was very pot bound, gave it a bit of a hair cut too, all this was going on in between cleaning the kitchen...............


  1. My goodness! You do deserve a restful arvo and evening with all that you accomplished today! May I ask what " full English for supper" is and what kind of bread is fried? Ta!

    It will soon be time for kitchen and garden photos again as all is coming together inside and outside so perfectly.

    I plan to get a better picture of the Santa quilt, then put it's backing fabric and the quilt in a hanging bag ready to take to my quilter - when I've heard back from her. Then it will be clearing away the scraps of that quilt and back to Brian's quilt blocks.

    Cool day here with lovely sunshine but still no rain.


  2. I have a question for you. Where do you get all your energy from, and can I get some? Okay, that's two questions! I'm very impressed with the work you have done in your garden. It is going to look spectacular in the Spring. Enjoy your weekend..x


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