Sunday, 2 August 2015

Whats my motivation??

Was a question someone asked. Well its quite simple, I cannot stand a messy house. OH is very messy and drives me nuts at times, I can also be untidy, but try to keep it under control except in the sewing room, in that case I just shut the door.

I have a cleaning routine which I try to stick to although of late it has slipped a bit. Hopefully once they have sorted out my pacemaker life will get back to normal, or at least what purports to be normal for me.

G is here finishing off the digging, he has been a life saver, if we had to do it ourselves it would have taken ages, as it is we can keep it weeded and start laying out the beds, once I find some wood. I do not want to have to buy it, but not having much luck through free cycle at the moment.

It was quite autumnal first thing, quite cool, the sun keeps trying to break through.

I cut 2 stalks of lilies yesterday they are on the dresser in the sitting room, the scent is lovely. With the sitting room door open we can smell them through the house.

We have a couple of trips into Melton this week. DB has a dental appointment on Tuesday, I will park at Lidl and nip across the road, see what plants the chap has, and then Wednesday we get out toe nails cut, so a quick side trip to Morrison's to get the things I could not get at Lidl.


  1. Good plan and I envy your energy and organization! I could use a lesson in letting go of too much stuff, too.

    Cheers for G and the help he's given you!


  2. You really are amazing at all you get done each day - and I still want that fabulous gardener G to come rescue me and my sorry looking garden! Does he have a Passport?

    Hugs - please take care of you and DB.


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