Saturday, 22 August 2015

What Happened???

I was awake at 7am, next thing I knew DB was bringing me my breakfast, almost 9am........

Once up and sorted it was out to the garden. DB started at one end and I started at the other to put in the plants that still needed planted. I managed 6 before I had to give up. Came in and made a cup of tea which we drank in the garden sitting in the shade.

DB carried on in the garden, I put a loaf of bread on and made a fruit loaf, by that time it was lunchtime.

Its a beautiful sunny day, just a bit of breeze now and then to keep it comfortable out there. I think DB will sit out and read, if it gets too hot for me I will sit in the sitting room, have almost finished the book I was reading,

We have a few more plants to go in the front, then it will be bulb planting time. We are going over to the nursery at Enderby to get large bags of daffs in a couple of weeks on the way to visit my quilting friend.

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  1. Another good day of garden accomplishments and baking, too! Your garden must be looking ever prettier and inside your bungalow must have smelled delicious!

    Is there a tree, an umbrella, or a building providing the shade for the table and chairs in the garden?

    All the rain seems to have missed us so the backyard was mowed this morning. It was looking shaggy.

    Hope to get the side borders with the corner blocks on the Santa quilt and cut the outer border strips today. This top is nearly finished!



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