Friday, 28 August 2015

We have a new denture.

at last!!

It was a fine but windy morning, a load of laundry washed and dried on the whirly. Sitting room cleaned, even managed to move the sofa.

New kettle and toaster arrived, tried the toaster out at lunch time, so far so good. I have a note in my diary of when I bought it, will see how long this ones lasts.

We left just before 1pm for DB to visit the dentist and get his new plate, it looks ok, at last I do not have to watch his plate dropping out when he eats his meals!!sorry TMI. I went to Lidl for the bits and pieces we needed. I will not be going shopping again for 2 weeks. I bought a 24 pack of toilet rolls for £8.86 works out at 36p a roll. If they still have them at the same price when I go again I will get another pack, no more toilet rolls to buy for 12 months!! got to be good.

Treated us to a coffee bun and an iced danish to have with our afternoon tea.

Dried laundry fetched in, folded and put away apart from 1 pair of DBs shorts which need pressed.

The curtain rail for the small kitchen window had arrived, it was in a huge box, our neighbour took it in for us, she could not believe what was inside, a 3foot box with a 16" net curtain rail in it!!

I have been in a bit of a reflective mood today, a friend I taught to quilt whilst living in Scotland, lost her fight against cancer last week. One of the ladies from my quilting group also passed away, both funerals were today, I was unable to go to either. There, but for the Grace of God go I!!


  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your two friends. It does make one take stock and be thankful for the life we have. Happy to hear DB got his plate. That will make life more pleasant for both of!

  2. Glad that DB has his teeth settled at last. Couldn't have been comfortable at all.
    I'm so sorry about your two quilting friends. Prayers for you and their families.
    That is my favorite quote: "But there for the Grace of God go I". I tend to say it a lot.
    Hope your weekend is a restful one but reading your post for as long as I've been reading ... I can't see that happening. ;)

  3. My sympathy in the loss of your quilting friends. Big hugs to you and all who loved them.

    Hope the new denture serves long and well - and so do the new toaster and kettle. My mother always wrote the purchase date on the owner's instruction booklets that came with her small and large appliances. Then she'd add any repair calls and the paperwork from each so if there were questions, she had it all there. I do the same thing and it's so convenient. As Mom got older, she started putting those instructions under the small appliance, so there was one under the clock-radio, under the toaster, etc. Whatever works!

    Do you have room to store a year's worth of loo paper?! :)

    Am about to piece the Santa quilt backing so on I go.



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