Monday, 17 August 2015

Usual Monday

Monday clean done, then I went out and put in the lavender down one side of the path. DB has to dig out the border on the other side. I do wish now I had not sold my spade when we moved from the cottage, I miss having 2 spades, I could work in the back finishing up planting the herbaceous border if I had a spade!!

Did a bit of sewing this afternoon. I made a table centre 4 years ago, it was one of the things I sold at the market last year, decided to do another one, so cut it out and sewed all but one block. I want to take it to the group next week to show therm what you can do with a Dresden plate other than mount it on a background fabric.

Quiche and salad for tea, the lettuce is from the garden, about the only thing we will get by the looks of things, the beans are very slow, flowers but no sign of actual beans. The brussels and cabbage seem to be doing ok now we have the stuff to deter the caterpillers.

I do seem to have a little more energy today, but still trying not to do too much.


  1. Love the new garden picture as your blog header! How lovely it is and I know it's a delight for you, DB, and the neighbors to see.

    How did the call to the Red Cross about the erroneous loo plans go? Hope the design corrections don't delay progress on the actual work being done.

    It's another very warm, sunny day here and have just returned from a quick trip to the library to return some DVDs and a book I finished reading. Hope to make 24 Flying Geese this arvo as they will be sewn end to end for the next border on the Santa quilt.

    Laundry being washed and it's lunch time.


  2. You have a very large back yard there to grow veggies and flowers. I am loving that header photo .... such a difference from when you first moved in. Good job you guys.

  3. Well done with your garden. You are making it look wonderful and obviously putting it to its full use. You will soon be self-sufficient! Ann x


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