Thursday, 20 August 2015


We were up and out early, it was the U3A meeting, the speaker the retired Dean from Southwell Cathedral, he was hilarious, I could have listened to his stories for hours, many told against himself , the Church of England and the Archbishop of Canterbury!! The whole place was rocking and when he finished I have never heard such enthusiastic applause from a U3A audience for a long time.

We nipped along to Morrison to get the bits we needed and then to Lidl, DB was off to get his new plate checked, he was in and out before I had got through the checkout.

Back home I used up some beans from supper the other night and also did a round of scrambled egg as well, we will not need cake with our afternoon tea, in fact we may not need any supper either!!

It started off quite cloudy but the sun has come through and we have blue sky, it has warmed up as well.

Better go, he who must be obeyed wants to do the freezer and cupboard audit ready for the big shop next week.

My neighbour does not keep a horse in her garden, its a wooden one, have not dared to ask why it is there but I do know that she used to work with horses.

Oh I almost forgot, the 'red phone' is a phone with a big red button on which we can press if we need urgent help, if we do not answer then the operator will ring our contacts, failing that an ambulance. I am grateful for the help we are getting, but to be honest its quicker to phone an ambulance the time you have answered all the questions you could have died!!


  1. It sounds like a good day all around and your U3A speaker is to be congratulated on being such a delight.

    Might we see the "horse" in your neighbor's garden?

    It's good to hear that DB's new plate must be fitting correctly and comfortably as his appt. was so quickly over.

    Today is overcast, warm, and humid with rain possible tonight.

    I have cut the new skinny border for the Santa quilt so will soon get on with sewing that to the quilt so the Flying Geese can be next.


  2. Having used our Lifeline in an emergency, I know how fast the response was. Paramedic arrived within 10 minutes.

  3. I rather thought the horse in the garden was made of wood. Can't say I have ever seen anything like it. Expect the lady who owns this has a story to tell. At least it is well at the back.

    I rather like being up early and out. Glad you had a nice day.

  4. I absolutely LOVE your garden! It looks huge and you re doing a terrific job with it!


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