Thursday, 13 August 2015


OH out in the front garden, cutting back and shaping the front lawns this morning. I need to sort out the lavender to go in. The garden is looking so much different. We have decided to plant one of the pots of lilies actually in the garden.

I cleaned the sitting room and kitchen, we are going to be out tomorrow, so decided to do it today.

After lunch the support worker came, she had a ream of forms for us to fill in, we are getting an alarm which will allow us to contact help if we need it.

It was a bit of a grey morning, I decided to do an load of laundry in the hope that it might dry before the rain. I took it in just after lunch, had to finish it off in the dryer, just 10 minutes and all was dry.

The rain still has not arrived, bet it will chuck it down tomorrow when we are going out. We certainly need the rain badly.

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  1. It sounds like many things were accomplished today inside, in the garden, and toward the future alarm system so that must feel good! Soon it might be time for another garden photo for your blog header!

    Hope the Dresden Plate block played nice when you restitched it. Might we see it, please and thank you?

    Has life settled down so your thoughts might turn to your sewing room and quilting once again?

    Be safe in the rains tomorrow!



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