Tuesday, 25 August 2015

That was cheap!!

The car went in for service today, we walked round to collect it on the way to get the fire rope for the sitting room grate, it was £70 less for a bigger service, the difference was in the hourly rate. The chap says the brakes may need doing before too long, but there is a light comes on when they reach a certain level. We were warned about them last year too.

Monday clean was done today DB spent some time chopping kindling for the fire, we now have a dustbin almost full of chopped up wood.

It was fine this morning but has rained on and off all afternoon. I had taken some chicken out of the freezer for tonight supper, it was off, the smell hit me as I unwrapped it. It had been defrosted in the fridge, the second lot of Aldi chicken that has gone off.......two 1/4 pounders in the remoska instead.

I have finished doing the blocks for the rest of the sampler quilt for the group, so now I can focus on stuff for Christmas.

The ink arrived this morning for the printer, the third lot I have had to buy since I started the group in January. Printing everything 10 times and sometimes in colour soon uses the ink up.

No gardening done today, its too wet to cut the grass. If it is not raining tomorrow morning I might just put the violas in the front and dig the hole for the one pot of lilies to go into the ground. I al keeping the other lot in their pot so I can move them round.

A call from the council they are coming to put down 2 new slabs for us next week and also sort the clattering letter box.

DB is having olive oil in his ears twice a day to soften the wax that is causing him to be deaf. He has to make an appointment to get them syringed. Its bad enough me being deaf.......


  1. Cheers for an inexpensive car repair bill, considering that can sometimes cost nearly an arm and a leg!

    More cheers for your finish of the instructions for the quilting group and turn your attention to the fun of Christmas!

    Cheers, too, for the 2 new slabs that are coming next week (where will they be put?) and what I suppose is a fix pr replacement needed for the clattering letter box.

    Hope the oil will soften that ear wax and that DB will learn to deal with his ears often at home.

    We had rain overnight and today is a bit cooler but has been busy with one thing or another. Fabric hasn't been cut for that outer border yet but will do that in a moment. I hope!


  2. A close friend of ours always had too much wax build up in his ears. He was a commercial pilot and used to have to go in every so often to the airline's medical centre to get his ears cleared out. One day there was a substitute doctor there, he told our friend to simply make sure he washed his ears thoroughly with shampoo each and every time he shampooed his hair. That was the last time our friend ever needed to get his ears cleared out. Such a simple solution. Hope it helps. Jan


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