Sunday, 9 August 2015


An earlier start this morning OH was awake just after 8am, he went out to the garden for an hour whilst I shoved the towels and the cruddy bath mat into the washer. They were out on the line as we went out.

Into Melton, I wanted to get a bouquet of flowers for DD2, she has been so good to us over the past few weeks, so lilies, alstromaria and chrysanthemums it was.

We had a delightful lunch, lamb steaks, roasted veg and new potatoes, followed by fruit strudel and cream. We enjoyed every mouthful.

We sat for a while drinking tea and chatting DGD and boyfriend are in Great Yarmouth on holiday for a week, so the house was quiet. Called at Iceland on the way home for some strawberries to have at tea time. Two days without cooking supper, how lucky am I. It will be back to normal tomorrow. DD gave me a card with strict instructions not to open it till tomorrow.

It was a scorching day yesterday, today has been cooler, the towels have dried and aired on the line, will fetch them in shortly and put them away. Bed linen to be changed tomorrow, so more laundry.

Yesterday I finished hand piecing the two blocks the ladies have been working on, I just need to applique them onto the background now. No idea what I am going to do with them mind you.


  1. A very nice Sunday lunch (dinner) cooked by DD2. I always think a meal cooked by someone else is lovely. I do all the cooking in this house. Hubby is good at warming left overs up in the microwave.

    Is your birthday today or tomorrow?

  2. All served by DD2 sounds so delicious and I can imagine how she loved the flowers you took to her! Nice!

    Perhaps tomorrow you can do supper early in the slow cooker so it's ready to serve and very nearly like having someone else cook for you on your actual birthday.

    I look forward to seeing photos on the two hand pieced blocks with the applique.

    Wishing you a very happy birthday tomorrow!


  3. Sounds a really nice early birthday lunch. Early Happy Birthday wishes from the States! :)


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