Sunday, 2 August 2015


DB started with palpitations last night, he slept ok, but still had them this morning, they eventually went just before lunch.

G was here just after 8am and has finished all the digging, so the whole plot has been dug over and lumps broken up. He has worked so hard, DB took out some cash for him, he did not want to take it, but I told him to take himself up to the pub and get his Sunday lunch.

The last fork full being dug over.

All finished, all we have to do now is get some wood to mark up the beds and paths.

The bird table in isolation.

The sweetcorn doing well.

Waiting to be planted.

DB is out messing about, I will go out shortly and put more pots where we want to put the plants, I have two or three shrubs which need to go in at the back, to form a background.

Roast pork for supper tonight. I got some plums from Lidl, so a plum and ginger crumble for dessert.

The sun has come out and its quite warm outside now, change to top up my tan??


  1. I think you will end up with the best garden on your street. It already looks so different from when you started. Yes G certainly earned the money.

    Sorry to hear about DB palpitations once again. It must be a worry for you both.

    Interesting as to what people call their meals. I notice that you refer to your evening meal as "supper" . I grew up in Suffolk and the meals were breakfast, dinner (now often called lunch) and tea. I now live in the Midwest USA and people refer to their evening meal as "supper". My grown up children all refer to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  2. Bother abut the recurring palps DB had that lasted for so long. Will you need to report that to the doctor or just make a note of it for the next appt?

    My goodness! The garden is looking great and well prepared for anything you and DB wish to do there! Do you plan a patio area for the table and chairs you have (or had)? The idea for shrubs for the top of the garden to be a backdrop sounds perfect. Will you add an evergreen of some sort for winter color? What fun to decide!


  3. Your garden is coming along nicely! I couldn't deal with all those meals and courses. I would weigh 200+ pounds if I ate like that. We call our meals breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some still call them breakfast, dinner and supper. If you invite guests to the final meal of the day (dinner to us) we give them a time we will sit down to eat to avoid confusion.

  4. The garden looks absolutely wonderful! What a lot of hard work!


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