Thursday, 6 August 2015


We got up early and skipped off to Aldi at Grantham. We did get a bit lost on the way, but OK coming back.

6 raspberry canes, 1 Oregon thorn less black berry and one blackcurrant bush. Not a bad haul, we had to search for the rasps though, plenty of autumn fruiting, not many summer fruiting. Quick trip round the shop for things I cannot get elsewhere and home we came. Cup of tea.

DB is now out cleaning the inside of the car. He fell asleep in the chair yesterday, I got a bit cross with him, he was out in the garden messing about for around 3 hours, with just a brief break for a cuppa. 

He is cleaning out the inside of the car, it has not been done since before we moved eekkkk!! So was pretty mucky. He will wash the outside tomorrow.

We got a phone call from the Red Cross, their OT is coming tomorrow to assess us for a walk in shower, brilliant. I am getting a bit cheesed off with having to kneel in the bath. DB cannot even do that, if his knees seize up I cannot get him out.

7 weeks tomorrow since I had my PM in, so I am going to start driving again. No one said I shouldn't last week, and as they do not want to see  me again until the end of September I guess I can start again.

Cauli and brocc gratin with jacket spuds for  supper tonight. I got coerced into buying ice cream by DB in Aldi.......and I have a perfectly good ice cream maker in the cupboard......time to get it out again me thinks.

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  1. What a great day and perfect haul for future garden fruits!

    More cheers that folks are coming to see about a walk-in shower for you two. Hope that installation can be arranged to be done soon after their visit tomorrow.

    Did the plumber give you a reasonable estimate for putting in that outside tap?

    We had rain overnight and more forecast for tonight and tomorrow but I'm delighted to say the cooler weather is here. I'll need to run to the grocery as DH's car is in the shop.

    Happy driving!



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