Friday, 21 August 2015

Slow start

this morning, I seem to be having one day when I am ok and then the next rubbish, today was a rubbish morning!!

DB went off to get more manure from the stables, he arrived back just as DD2 arrived on the bus, so tea and a chat.

I had decided that as the forecast was a bit iffy I would do a load of laundry, so its dried on the line, fetched it in after lunch before we set off to take DD2 back to town and DH for an appointment at the Drs.

I nipped to put a script in for him and pick up 5L of white vinegar, not for pickling but to clean with. Library to get books, the mobile library will not come in September, so we need books. I dare say there will be another trip at some point.

Stopped on the way back at the garage to book the car in for service next week.

It has not rained today but must admit at times I thought it was going to.

No work done in the garden, might get some done tomorrow, we have about another 20 plants to go in and apart from the bulbs the garden will be done.


  1. It sounds like you had another pleasant day, with DD2's visit, laundry, and all that was accomplished in town. Hope all is well with DB.

    Your garden's plant roots must be thrilled with the nutrients in the soil from all of that manure!

    Slow start here, too, as I just cannot seem to get in gear and it's just past noon. Bother! I need to go to the library, too, as several items are due and I hope to piece the other 21 Flying Geese into their three rows of 7 geese and make the corner HSTs which I still haven't made.


  2. It is hard when you never know what sort of day you will have as far as feeling well and energy level. I have an ongoing battle with BPPV and I am in the same boat. I do appreciate when I have the days that I feel almost normal.

    Love white vinegar for cleaning and also put it in the final rinse of the washing machine in place of fabric softener. Clothes come out soft and smelling very nice.

    You are lucky to have a bus not far from where you live. Have you ridden it to town or is to much of a bother not to have the car for your shopping etc.


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