Saturday, 15 August 2015


breakfast in bed again today, I am so tired still. I got a swift burst of energy, made a lemon drizzle cake and also 4 creme caramel for supper tonight and tomorrow.

We had a delivery of old wood last night thanks to the chap who came to do the shed. DB has chopped some of it into kindling for the fire, the rest is in bags under the overhang of the roof, we need to dry quite a bit of it off.

The plans have come this morning from the Red Cross, the stupid woman who came has got the door to the toilet opening in, it opens out and the door to the bathroom in the cupboard at the back of the fire. I will have to ring her on Monday. If she submits it to the council they will just laugh at her.

Rain all day yesterday, this morning its fine, a bit of a breeze, but warm if you are sheltered from the breeze.

Not a lot going on just now. The front garden is showing signs of a lot of seedlings coming through, I am going to have to go and use the hoe to cut the heads off. If I do it enough they should die off.

The plant you can see is the knot weed, we are waiting for the Council to come and treat it.

Baby sweet corn beans beyond them and the cabbages etc in the back ground.

The start of the fruit bed, the rhubarb has been planted and at the top the raspberry plants.

My birthday geraniums from my quilting friend. The pots will be sunk in the front garden, and I will take some cuttings from them.

The shady bed. looking towards what will be the herbaceous border, the straightened clothes post which will have a clematis going up it.

Some of these plants are destined for the front, we will be working on it tomorrow.

The peach tree we were given last week, it was put in water straights away and we planted it in a mixture of compost and garden soil. So far so good, it has not dropped its leaves.


  1. Bother that your energy level is down but the lemon cake sounds lovely! Hope you feel good and energetic soon. What are "4 creme caramels" ? Is it similar to creme brulee?

    Dearie me! Wouldn't you think the Red Cross woman would be adept at sketching plans accurately? Yes, I'm chucking at the idea of having a door at the back of the fire into the bathroom. When DS1 was in first grade, his teacher always asked the class to think about whether their answer was reasonable. I thought that was good training for life. Is your answer reasonable? This woman didn't look over her drawing to see if it was all reasonable. Obviously not.

    What seeds are coming up in the front garden that you want to discourage from growing?


  2. Wonderful garden photos!! The green thumbs you and DB have must reach all the way to your elbows as you have such a magic touch with plants - oh, and that hard work you do helps, too. :)


  3. Wow. The progress you guys have made in your garden is incredible. I am guessing that it was a total weed lot (?) but in no time you have turned it into something beautiful and productive. It looks great!

  4. Your garden looks good - you have been busy!

  5. By next summer that garden will be the envy of the neighborhood! I can't wait to see it myself. You guys have green hands to go along with those green thumbs.


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