Saturday, 1 August 2015


Up at the usual time this morning as we were expecting the chaps to take out all the rotten wood on the coal shed and replace it. Two chaps turned up and it took them till just after 3pm to complete the work, but now we have what looks like a new coal shed.

At the side of the ordinary shed the coal shed looks like new, a lot of work has gone on and it is now water and wind proofed.

The trellis that DS2 put up for us yesterday, I have to plant out the clematis and tie them in.

The wood from the shed and  the dog kennel DS broke up yesterday, it will be chopped up for kindling in due course.

DB was playing bowls this afternoon, so after a bacon sandwich he trotted off whilst I stayed at home. The workmen left just after 3pm, they really have made a lovely job of the shed and M is going to put the fire grate in for us. I just have to get the fire cement and rope and let him know when we have it.

I spent most of the afternoon reading. I am not fond of Irish stories but I do enjoy Maeve Binchy's novels, I got 'A Week in Winter' from the library the other day.

DB returned just after 6 , he won a bottle of wine in the raffle, so its in the cupboard. I had a cheesey jacket spud and strawberries and ice cream for my supper, scrummy.

It has been quite a nice day up till about 4pm. its turned quite cool and DB said it rained on the bowls green when they were having their tea. He played much better this week so was quite pleased with himself.

I have placed a few more pots this afternoon, the second pot of lilies is in the border at the back. More work will be done tomorrow if its fine.

It was nice to wake up this morning and see DD1's embroideries in their place above the bed. I still have not sorted the two shelf sets, if its wet tomorrow I will have a go at them then.


  1. Cheers for DB's bowls success and his win of the bottle of wine!

    How wonderful to have the new coal shed finished so quickly. Is it located near your bungalow or to the side of the back garden?

    I'm glad you decided to spend some of the arvo reading as you need the rest! I've had a busy day so will do the same.


  2. I can not get over the amount of work you guys have accomplished on your property since you've moved in! Amazing. And with you both recently been the hospital and your heart surgery. I can't wait to see it all filled in and blooming, it will be beautiful.

  3. Blimey! I can't believe all the work you've done already. What's your secret? I'm totally lacking motivation just now to get anything done!


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