Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Rough Night

Did not sleep too well. DB woke me just after 2am going to the loo, it was after 6am when I got back to sleep, so a slow start.

DB went over to the stables to pick up some horse manure for the garden. I dittered about in the kitchen till he got  back, then I ironed the sheets etc from Monday.

DB has an appointment at the dentist again this afternoon. I will nip into Lidl whilst he is away. We will call at the PO in the village to pick up the TV Choice as we go out.

I have been giving thought to the outside tap. After this month I doubt we will really need to use it, so its getting put off until next spring, that way I stand a better chance of getting the money together.

Its another fine day, but a bit of a breeze keeps it from getting too hot. We are forecast bad weather for Thursday and Friday, rain and thunder storms.

Quite a bit of horse manure brought home, some of it spread the rest stacked.

Lidl this afternoon, stuck to my shopping list, £13 not bad. The only thing I could not get were cooking apples, so will put the blackberries in the freezer and use them later. Did get some plums, they are ripening in the fruit bowl.

Its been very warm again today, we are told we are going to get thunderstorms tomorrow and Friday, so we will not need to water.

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  1. Oh, sorry about your interrupted sleep last night. That's no fun as I know too well. I often find myself thinking up quilt borders, new quilts to make, and such when I'm wakeful.

    Nice that the rain and coming autumn weather means the outdoor tap won't be needed for your garden just now. Our rains have kept our deck garden happy, too.

    I'm feeling better today so that's good.



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