Saturday, 8 August 2015

Presidents Day at the Bowls Club

Late up this morning, it was after 9am, before we surfaced we must have been tired.

Lovely morning, quite warm, put a load of coloureds in the washer, should dry fine, no rain forecast which means we will have to water tonight.

Its Presidents Day at the bowls and my one concession to attending bowls, so decent clothes on.

DB pottered a bit in the garden. I had ordered  2 pairs of shorts in the sale, they arrived this morning, fit great so thats fine. No more moaning from him!! There is a smart navy pair he can wear to go out in.

A quick lunch of beans on toast, the beans I got from Lidl are better than the Aldi ones, more beans and a lot less sauce. A large tin did us for beans with our eggs and wedges on Monday and for beans on toast today.

DB decided to take his old bowls club badge off his blazer, made a right pigs ear of it. I ended up having to dig out the threads, instead of snipping one and then going round and undoing the stitches, he just cut through the lot and left a load of ends I had to dig!!

Our neighbour at the side came round with a peach tree, she could not get on with it, so gave it to us.......we will have quite a fruit bed by the time we have finished.

Back from the Bowls Club, I sat out and sewed whilst they played bowls, I had to go inside the sun just got too much.

Excellent meal, lots of it and wine to drink. I won a bottle of wine in the raffle, so a good result.

Met two ladies who belong to the other quilt groups.

Shattered now, could do with a cold shower, but as we do not havea shower I will have to make do with a cool sluice in the bath. Its gone 7pm and the sun is still blazing down.......


  1. It sounds like you and DB had a lovely and pleasant but busy day what with the bowls event and the unexpected arrival of the peach tree!

    DH is quite helpful in sewing and ripping out. He used to call himself Conan the Seam Ripper, but I did have lots of threads to pick out sometimes.

    Sweet dreams! Another lie-in tomorrow morning might do you good, too.


  2. I envy that you are able to sleep some days until 9:00 am - I am not a good sleeper and consider it a good night if I only wake a couple of times. Always up for the day at the crack of dawn. Does make for some rather long days.

    Summer is back then?

    Nice to meet ladies at the Bowls Club with the same interest in quilting as you.

    Photos tomorrow if at all possible. Enjoy your birthday.

  3. I don't comment often Anne,but your determination to make a better life and move into the best accommodation for you both,is inspiring.
    You both work hard despite health problems.Enjoy your home and hope the bathroom is sorted soon,

    Best wishes,


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