Friday, 7 August 2015


is a saying we often used when at work.

Up early this morning so DB could wash the car and I could get the Friday clean done before the OT came about the bathroom.

We were her first call, had to go through our medical history yet again, she had a look at the bathroom and yes we are getting referred but when it will get done is anyone's guess. She is suggesting that the wall comes out between the bathroom and toilet, we will see. I know that B & P had theirs taken out.

A fine morning but grey clouds instead of blue sky, it feels very autumnal out. I did do half an hour digging the weeds out of one border, but had enough by then. Will do a bit more tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Presidents day at the Bowls Club, so it the day I have to put on posh clothes and take a book to read. Come to think of it I might take one of the hand stitched blocks with me to finish. I'll see how I feel tomorrow. No supper to cook tomorrow or Sunday, we get supper at the bowls club and its my birthday lunch at DD2's on Sunday.

We decided to go to the local garden centre this afternoon, we were going to go on Monday, however, this afternoon saw us walking up and down picking out plants. We then went into the cafe and had tea and cake, my birthday treat a couple of days early.

I have now spent all the cash I have saved up for my trip to the quilt show on plants. We have several more to place in the back herbaceous border. I am not going to over plant it, I want to give the plants room to grow and bulk up. We will go to the nursery at Enderby late next month to get the bulbs and some garlic for DB to plant out. 

We watered last night, the veg are growing.

Its been a fine day, dull this morning but the sun broke through and it was 64 in the gardn at one point.


  1. It's wonderful to hear that you and DB were approved for the loo remodel so you'll have a shower to make life easier. Hope the wheels of the OT process move quickly!

    Your garden will soon be worthy of a garden show! What plants did you get today?

    How lovely you're having a multi-day birthday celebration this year! Let me wish you a slightly early very Happy Birthday and a wonderful year ahead of good health, lots of energy, delightful creativity, and happiness!

    We had rain overnight and a wonderfully cool day today.


  2. A very good day. I do hope the shower is sorted quickly. The present bath set up is not good for either of you. In many ways an accident waiting to happen.

    I'd like to see photos from the Bowls Club and your birthday celebration on Sunday. Best wishes for a relaxing time at both events and I wish you Many Happy Returns of the Day. Nothing quite like tea and cake out is there?

    The high today where I live is 84 Fahrenheit. I didn't get used to the temperature in Celsius but perhaps it is because I have lived away from the U.K. for quite a long time.

    Take care.


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