Sunday, 30 August 2015

No sunhine today

There was a fabulous, rolling cloud sunset last night, but no sun this morning although it is reasonable warm.

DB cut the front grass, I used the kneeler and weeded the whole of the beds in the front. A couple of really stubborn weeds got a spray with some weed killer, no wind so no spreading spray.

Prepped the supper apart from the chicken which I will do a bit later, also made some scones, not sure why but for some reason they have not risen as much as they usually do, wonder if the mix was just a tiny bit dry? Never mind they will get eaten.

Lazy afternoon reading I think before I cook supper.

Last night rolling pink cloud sunset.


  1. Beautiful sunset you had! I don't want to even think of the fall clean up around here. The couple flower beds are going to be re-worked and I dread it. Will wait for cooler weather to show up.

  2. What lovely sunset photos! A feast for the eyes, for sure.

    Hope your knees won't be fussing at your tomorrow since you tried to be kind to them by using the kneeler while weeding. Wish I had your energy, my friend!

    I have the Santa quilt and its backing fabric ready to take to Sara so I'll call her again tomorrow if she doesn't call me first. I think a second call 10 days after the first message isn't being pushy. Hope not! :)



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