Wednesday, 5 August 2015

No rain Yet

It was forecast over night, but so far has not occurred.

DB still digging out in the front. I was messing about in the kitchen. We had our lunch early as we had an appointment with the chiropodist, I wanted to go to Morrisons first, DB needed to put a script in to the chemist.

Feet now done, quick trip to Tesco to check the car tyres, diesel was £1.11, so I filled up, ages since it was cheaper than petrol.

Came home via Thorpe Arnold. Cuppa and a piece of scone went down very well thank you.

The plumber is coming later to give us an estimate for the outside tap, carting full watering cans is not my idea of watering the garden. I had said I was not spending any more cash, but it is really a need and not a want. Will see what he says when he gets here.

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  1. Hope the plumber's estimate for the cost of the outside tap wasn't prohibitive as I so agree it's a need not a trivial "want".

    No rain yet here, either, tho it's forecast for tomorrow night. Meanwhile, I'm watering our flowers and deck garden.

    I need to make a quick trip to the library to pick up Poirot and Marple DVDs and hope to sew the next border on the Santa quilt, too.



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