Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Must be feeling better!!

I decided I had enough of the two kitchen windows and the back door being such a mess, so with a large bucket of hot water, washing up liquid, magic sponge and an old towel, to work I went.

The big kitchen window was quite messy but no where near as bad as the back door, it took me over an hour to do the door, but its now sparkling white with clean glass. The little window was also quite mucky, what really got me was the grease on the air vents, yuk both were open but it was almost impossible to clean the grease off.

DB was sorting the pots of plants, he also put a couple in for me at the top of the herbaceous bed. One plant that had gone very brown through lack of water has started shooting again since I took over the watering. DB shows the water to the plants, I water them. I have tried many times to get him to water them the same way as I do, forget it; he does it his way, I do it mine.

That was me for the day, not doing anything else, Macaroni cheese with a jacket spud and tomato and celery salad. There are enough strawberries left for dessert. A container at £2 does us for 3 desserts with some ice cream.

Pleasant day, sun in and out and a lot cooler than the weekend.

Yesterday I appliqued a Dresden plate onto the background fabric, when I came to press it the wretched thing had moved, so I have had to undo it.......

The lily pot, they always give good value for money, I need to try and find the two pink bulbs and put them in a separate pot. The lilies in the house have about had it so I will be changing them with a couple from the garden.

We had an emergency trip to the chemist this afternoon, DB discovered he only had one of his heart tablets left, so had to tear into Melton to pick up his prescription. We called at the Country Store to see if they had galvanised buckets. No bucket but 2 price reduced foxgloves £2.00 each.

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  1. So glad to hear you're feeling better and had the energy to clean those windows and the door! I know walking into your bright, clean kitchen will be a pleasure with the sunshine streaming in.

    Love the lilies and am glad your garden is beginning to flourish as the plants get used to their new homes. Those turned up dirt borders in your header photo will soon be blooming beauties. Cheers, too, for the foxgloves that will soon join the rest under your good care.

    Bother about having to unstitch the Dresden Plate block but you'll be glad you did. I've just finished putting another skinny red border outside the green diamonds on a chain border and am pleased with the look.

    I'm feeling better today and, so far, have nearly no fever so that's a step in the right direction.



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