Monday, 10 August 2015

Much as usual

today despite it being my birthday. Bed stripped and sheets etc in the washer.

Its a bright day, sun keeps coming and going, there is a bit of a breeze so fingers crossed the laundry will dry on the whirly.

Monday clean to do, does not take much time in the bungalow, love those stairs we do not have!! Makes like fo much easier.

DB plans to put in the raspberries we bought on Thursday, the path at the back still has a number of pots on it. I need to place more and sort out what, if any, are going in the front. I have started to weave a montana clematis on the chain fencing at the front. The rest of the seedlings have been potted up to grow a bit bigger to handle.

We watered the garden last night. Nothing from the plumber, so I will be walking round to the PO and getting a couple of other numbers from the board. I do like to keep work in the village if I can and we are getting desperate to get the tap fitted.

Linen dried on the line, brilliant, folded it ready to iron possibly tomorrow.

The sky has come over grey a few times but we have not had any rain, its quite warm out of the wind.

Library van day, so we now have new books, van will not be coming next month so we will have to go into the main library a couple of times.

Ham salad for tea, some more of yesterdays strawberries for dessert.


  1. A very Happy Birthday. I knew you would like the bungalow. They are a delight to live in and yes, so easy to keep clean. Have a lovely day and keep on getting well. Love Andie xxx

  2. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday to you!!

    Enjoy the "usual" after the weeks and weeks of upheaval.

    I'm sick, fever 100.8*F, and am not a happy camper. Bother!


  4. Happy Birthday Anne - hope you've had a good day xxx

  5. Happy Birthday to you!...
    All good things ahead now in your lovely bungalow.
    Wishing you both good health and good times.
    Love from Pam in TX.xx

  6. A woman's work is never done...Not even on her birthday. :) Hope you've had a really great day!

  7. Happy Birthday from Canada!! Hope you are having a lovely day!
    from Nanny Anny

  8. Happy birthday Anne. Love the bungalow and your garden too.

  9. Happy birthday from USA!


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