Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Looks like Wet Wednesday

but by lunch time it had cleared enough for DB to clear the rubbish from the back of the big shed, he also started to edge the back grass.

I woke with a headache this morning so did not get up promt, it was 9.30 when I walked through into the sitting room.

Prepped the supper. I opened a tin of spuds last night to have with the salad, will cut up the remainder and fry them in butter to have with the gratin tonight.

The chap from the council is coming tomorrow to have a look at the slabs at the back and will possibly do the fire then. We are also going to get a new letter box at some point next week.

In 2011 I bought a Russell Hobbs toaster and kettle. The toaster bit the dust 2 years ago, the replacement toaster is on its way out and the kettle gave up the ghost yesterday. I am sick of buying stuff that gives up after a couple of years. I had a Russell Hobbs kettle that lasted my first marriage out!! Trying a different make this time, has a 2 year guarantee, so hope it lasts longer than that this time.

I have done the menu list for September, I have quite a bit of meat in the freezer, so apart from Chicken and sausage will not have to buy much meat this coming month. October will be a big stock up in preparation for bad weather. I want at least a month of supplies in.

No idea what I am going to do this afternoon...............

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  1. I'm so glad the council has been paying attention to the items that need to be replaced inside and around the bungalow. Has there been any word about the loo reno?

    Bother that your toaster and kettle are failing all too soon. The short life of so many items and small appliances is so annoying for us, too. Things used to be better made to last decades but also could be repaired either at home (my Dad could fix many problems) or by an small appliance repairman.

    Hope your headache has gone away, that you're feeling good, and that you've had a pleasant arvo.



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