Monday, 31 August 2015

I knew it would happen

and it did. DB could not get his plate in yesterday, managed it eventually. He decided to sleep with it in, woke me at 3am moaning about the pain. Eventually we managed to get the plate out, it had rubbed his gum, a  further panic, made him rinse his mouth out and put some bonjela on. Him back in bed fast asleep, me wide awake. Eventually went and got myself a mug of tea. Looked at the clock at 6am, must have gone into a really deep sleep. Woke just before 9am to find it hissing down with rain.

DB will be phoning the dentist tomorrow!!

It has persisted for most of the day, just now it seems to be trying to clear up. I think it might have stopped raining just now.

I did manage a very sketchy Monday clean, prepped tonights supper and made an apple and blackberry crumble for dessert. have managed to stay awake this afternoon hopefully to get a better night sleep tonight. DB has left his plate out today, rinsing his mouth with salt water and putting bonjela on the offending gum.

Thanks to the rain we will not need to water tonight, glad we managed to get the grass cut, we can now put an autumn dressing on the grass in a couple of days, hopefully it will kill off some of the weeds and moss in the lawn.

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  1. So sorry about the poorly fitting denture as that rub can certainly be a misery. Hope the fix will be quick and easy.

    You've accomplished a lot despite your interrupted sleep last night. Hope you've enjoyed your day inside with the rain pouring down.

    Sweet dreams tonight!



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