Friday, 14 August 2015

I asked for Rain

and we got it!! Started raining last night, not torrential but steady rain, it has continued all day, we sure will  not need to water the garden for quite a few days.

Easy morning, set off just after 12 noon to take a shirt back to Matalan and then continued on to see my quilting friend. OH took a book with him, so sat in the sitting room reading, whilst CR and I chewed the cud at the kitchen table. A chocolate cake appeared at tea time, smothered with cream it was delicious. CR gave me 3 lovely geraniums for the garden for my birthday. Once it stops raining we will put them in.

By the time we came to come home the rain had slackened off a bit, but by the time we came down into the Vale it was hissing down again. It is very grey and the rain is still coming down.

No a bad journey home, but we were quite early, wanted to miss the Friday rush. The M1 was almost at a standstill, the speed limit down to 40mph. We were on the road over the M1 so managed to keep up a reasonable speed all the way home.

Not much to report, quiet day really. The forecast is for the rain to clear tomorrow and next week is to be warmer, wer may get the last of the plants in.


  1. What a nice day you had and I'm delighted you and DB had a wonderful visit with CR, lovely geraniums for your pressie, and a marvelous cake for tea, too! Great way to spend a rainy day and am glad you had a safe trip there and back again.

    Am having a think and a rethink about the next borders for the Santa quilt... humm!


  2. Glad you got your rain! After over a month without rain, we're having a lovely shower!


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