Sunday, 23 August 2015

Breezy Day

We did not get the thunder storms last night. Woke to a bright and breezy morning, so bed stripped and sheets washed, they are almost dry on the line. I have also done the towels from the bathroom, they should dry as well hopefully.

DB has finished planting and tying in the clematis apart from the one that is going in the clothes post, it will need a very big hole, its been in a very large pot for 12 months.

Once we have recovered financially from the move I am going to start saving to get the back garden altered. There is an uneven slope on the grass towards the house, I would like to get it dug back to level ground, a retaining wall built, and a patio put in. Alter the paths to the shed and up the garden. May have a new slightly larger shed put in. We will have to get permission from the council to do it.

We sat in the sun and had our morning tea. Prep for supper done apart from the crumble topping for the blackberry and apple. 

Trying to get ahead of myself for the quilt group, I am starting on the last few blocks for their samplers. Will not be using them until the New Year. I have brought forward the date of the December meeting so we can have a 'bit of a do' before the hols. I have some cash in the account, so it will be a freeby. I think we will do a secret santa as well. In November I will get them to put their names in a hat and draw out someone to buy a quilt related present for, spending no more than £5. It should be interesting..........

Feeling better this morning after two iffy days, I guess thats how life is going to be for me from now on.

Mid afternoon all laundry dry folded and put away apart from the bits that want ironing. Its gone very dull and quite a bit cooler, looks like the rain is on the way.

For some unaccountable reason all my orchids have decided to throw up flower spikes. Three are in full flower the other one the flower spike is developing.

The one on the left is actually a very pretty green not white as it appears in the picture.

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  1. What wonderful plans you and DB have for your garden to be done in due time! All will make the back garden a joy for many years to come.

    Your plans for the quilting group Secret Santa and party sound like fun and will both build friendships within the group. You'll be so glad to be ahead of the group with plans that will take your students into the new year. Perhaps that will make time for you to sew for yourself?

    Today I hope to cut the outer green border for the Santa quilt and once sewn on, that top will be finished at about 65" square.



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