Sunday, 16 August 2015

Breakfast in bed again this morning.DB woke me coughing just after 3am, took me ages to get back to sleep, still asleep when he got up.

A mixed load of laundry on a cool wash, out on the whirly. The sun was quite warm earlier on, but the clouds have rolled in,guess it might rain later.

DB weeded the front beds this morning, digging always seems to wake up dormant seeds, however they are now all gone. We need to sort out what, apart from the lavender down the path, if going in. I have some mo tans seedlings in pots just now, maybe will plant them in the chain link fence in the spring, give the roots time to establish them selves.

Supper tonight leg of lamb steaks. I am going to cook them over roasting veg. Studded the meat with garlic and the have been in red wine marinade since yesterday.


  1. Oh, I wish you could easily fall back asleep when awakened in the nighttime.

    Dinner sounds yummy! When shall I be there for serving?! :)

    Am about to scan a multiplication table for easy help in planning another pieced border for the Santa quilt.


  2. Hi,
    Your garden looks enormous. You seem to be settling in wel now . look after yourself.


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