Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Another blowy day

DB had an appointment with the dentist this morning for more impressions for his dental plate.

We left the car at Lidl, both walked down to Norman Way, I went one way and DB the other. Called in to see DD2, she was the boss this morning......she looked very smart in her uniform. She was not impressed with the hospital visit last week. Muttered something very unusual for her under her breath!!

Went on to the market and got a head of calebrese, cost me £1.67, I nearly died, when I went into Lidl it was 69p!! I went to the plant stall and bought 4 plants, walked back to Lidl, no sign of DB so I went into the shop and got the few bits we wanted. DB was waiting in the car for me.

Stopped in the post office in the village on the way back and got the TV choice and also the name of a local plumber, we have permission to put in an outside tap. It takes both of us over half an hour and a great many cans of water to do the garden now. We went down to the village stables after the post office, we have been told we can take as much manure as we like, so DB has been looking for old compost bags, we will shoved it out from the bottom of the stack. Some will get spread but most of it will be stacked at the top of the garden until the spring. I could do with sourcing another water barrel and putting the manure in and filling the barrel up with water. It stinks, but one part of the liquid to 3 parts of water makes a great liquid feed. We used to use sheep poo when I was small.

After lunch DB went outside to do a bit more at the lawn. I went and lay on the bed, did drop off for a short while. Afternoon tea was 2 Danish pastries from Lidl, I had a Belgian bun, DB a coffee bun and a cup of tea. Treats over for this week. Spag bol and garlic bread for supper.

The weather has been a bit weird, its quite windy, blue sky and then dark clouds scudding over but no rain.........


  1. A busy morning for you two, but what a lot was accomplished. What plants did you buy at Lidl?

    Cheers that you have permission to install an outdoor tap as that will make garden care much easier and that you were able to get the name of a plumber to do this installation for you. Your garden will certainly enjoy the nutrients in the poo but I hope you can store it far away from your noses and the noses of your neighbors until spring!

    What a good use of your time to take a nap! Now you're recharged for your evening and that will make all much more pleasant.

    I'm still noodling on borders for this Christmas quilt and have decided to add two more narrow borders so my pieced border will fit better. The first of these additional borders is the peppermint fabric that looks great when seen in narrow strips but is awful in large widths or so I think. It is an older South Seas Import fabric called "Jolly Holidays".


  2. Another good day for you both - I had to google calebrese to find out it was similar to broccoli. Do you cook it like broccoli?

    I am amazed at what you know about gardening. Did you grow up in the country?

    You are blessed that you have family members living in the area.

    1. Calebrese is broccoli and I steam it for about 20 minutes depending on the size of the florets.

      Yes I did grow up in the country as a small child, I have always been a keen gardener, but its really only since I have retired I have been able to really let myself go. This garden allows me a bit of scope. Watch this space!!


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