Monday, 3 August 2015

A blowy Day

Sun shining when we got up, so a mixed wash at low temperature in the washer and it dried in record time. I did the Monday clean whilst DB tackled the front grass with the mower, he has also started to shape the grass.

After lunch we sat in the garden for a while, it was quite breezy but pleasant in the sun.

I now know what the Drs intend to do re my pacemaker..... nowt!! I have an appointment to go to the clinic again in 2 months, card came through this morning. So all the discussion etc that went on was needless. Hey ho. The longer they leave it the more difficult it will be to re-position the wire, but why should I worry??

DB has an appointment at the dentist tomorrow, I am going to go in with him and have a look at the market. We will park in Lidl, I need to go in there as well.

I forgot to say on last nights post that for a kitchen supper it was casual dress, but dinner meant dressing up in long dresses and diamonds. Pearls should be worn during the day, but diamonds at night, the more diamonds the more well off you were.

Unfortunately there will be no posts about my previous employers, apart from anything else we had to sign a confidentiality clause when we went to work for them. 


  1. How odd that the doctors are leaving your pacemaker and its wires where they are for so much longer. As you said, it seems counterintuitive to this nurse, too.

    It's good you and DB are getting back to your routine for household and garden tasks as that must certainly feel good to you both. Are you still celebrating having no stairs to climb in your sweet bungalow?!

    Sitting in the garden this arvo must have been a delight.


  2. A good Monday with much done from the sounds of it.

    It rather sounds like if you wait for the clinic followup it will be a repeat of what you just had. Is it difficult under the National Health Service to have a followup visit with the actual doctor who implanted the pace maker?

    Thanks for the further follow up about the difference between dinner and supper for the upper class. It does sound rather tiresome.

    Take care.

  3. My mum was in service starting in 1937. She had many interesting stories to tell in her twilight years, that she shared with me. I never heard her discuss it with anyone else, nor have I repeated them. It was a different time, and an interesting one.
    Although we were not well off when I was growing up, my mother had a very particular way of doing things. My friends assumed we were well off because of it. I attribute this to what she observed and learned while in service, and put into practice as much as she could when she got her own home.
    I find your blog interesting, and hope your health situation improves without any drastic intervention.


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