Monday, 31 August 2015

I knew it would happen

and it did. DB could not get his plate in yesterday, managed it eventually. He decided to sleep with it in, woke me at 3am moaning about the pain. Eventually we managed to get the plate out, it had rubbed his gum, a  further panic, made him rinse his mouth out and put some bonjela on. Him back in bed fast asleep, me wide awake. Eventually went and got myself a mug of tea. Looked at the clock at 6am, must have gone into a really deep sleep. Woke just before 9am to find it hissing down with rain.

DB will be phoning the dentist tomorrow!!

It has persisted for most of the day, just now it seems to be trying to clear up. I think it might have stopped raining just now.

I did manage a very sketchy Monday clean, prepped tonights supper and made an apple and blackberry crumble for dessert. have managed to stay awake this afternoon hopefully to get a better night sleep tonight. DB has left his plate out today, rinsing his mouth with salt water and putting bonjela on the offending gum.

Thanks to the rain we will not need to water tonight, glad we managed to get the grass cut, we can now put an autumn dressing on the grass in a couple of days, hopefully it will kill off some of the weeds and moss in the lawn.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

No sunhine today

There was a fabulous, rolling cloud sunset last night, but no sun this morning although it is reasonable warm.

DB cut the front grass, I used the kneeler and weeded the whole of the beds in the front. A couple of really stubborn weeds got a spray with some weed killer, no wind so no spreading spray.

Prepped the supper apart from the chicken which I will do a bit later, also made some scones, not sure why but for some reason they have not risen as much as they usually do, wonder if the mix was just a tiny bit dry? Never mind they will get eaten.

Lazy afternoon reading I think before I cook supper.

Last night rolling pink cloud sunset.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Winter must be on its way

We had porridge for breakfast this morning, DB had asked for cornflakes whilst the weather was so warm. We finished the packet yesterday so this morning it was back to good old porridge.

DB is having a problem coping with the new cooker, we have always had a gas hob, so cooking with an electric hob is a bit foreign to him......I keep telling him practice  makes perfect!!

I decided to clean the kitchen this morning, I was too crackered yesterday after moving the settee to hoover behind it, to tackle the kitchen. I am royally crackered now, but its done, windows sparkling, surfaces scrubbed within an inch of their lives and all DB's muddy foot marks cleaned off the floor.

I will be doing nothing this afternoon except sitting and either reading or sleeping!! I will cook supper, its DB's favourite, full English for supper with fried bread.

DB has put in more plants in the front. Two potted delphiniums that the slugs had decimated are showing some new growth, so they have had some slug pellets put round them and put on the table out of harms way (I hope). If they come OK they will be planted out in the spring. I re-potted the camellia, it was very pot bound, gave it a bit of a hair cut too, all this was going on in between cleaning the kitchen...............

Friday, 28 August 2015

We have a new denture.

at last!!

It was a fine but windy morning, a load of laundry washed and dried on the whirly. Sitting room cleaned, even managed to move the sofa.

New kettle and toaster arrived, tried the toaster out at lunch time, so far so good. I have a note in my diary of when I bought it, will see how long this ones lasts.

We left just before 1pm for DB to visit the dentist and get his new plate, it looks ok, at last I do not have to watch his plate dropping out when he eats his meals!!sorry TMI. I went to Lidl for the bits and pieces we needed. I will not be going shopping again for 2 weeks. I bought a 24 pack of toilet rolls for £8.86 works out at 36p a roll. If they still have them at the same price when I go again I will get another pack, no more toilet rolls to buy for 12 months!! got to be good.

Treated us to a coffee bun and an iced danish to have with our afternoon tea.

Dried laundry fetched in, folded and put away apart from 1 pair of DBs shorts which need pressed.

The curtain rail for the small kitchen window had arrived, it was in a huge box, our neighbour took it in for us, she could not believe what was inside, a 3foot box with a 16" net curtain rail in it!!

I have been in a bit of a reflective mood today, a friend I taught to quilt whilst living in Scotland, lost her fight against cancer last week. One of the ladies from my quilting group also passed away, both funerals were today, I was unable to go to either. There, but for the Grace of God go I!!

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Thursday....its quilting day

It was very overcast when we set off after lunch for the quilting group, dark clouds scudding past blue skies. DB drove me and brought the cases in and helped me to set up. He went for a walk and sat reading whilst I wrestled with the complexities of Jacobs Ladder.

The ladies arrived, it took a while for them to settle down, but we managed it in the end. A quick demo of the block for the next month and then we went on to things they might make for Christmas, we are starting in October on things for Christmas. Details of the Christmas meeting and the Secret Santa, someone wanted to know if DB was going to be Santa!!

Arriving home the chemist had been with DBs medication, our neighbours had taken it in......

DB spent some time this morning stacking the logs that were delivered last night at the back of the coal shed, the pile was almost up to the roof. A good job done. Once the grate has been fixed in we are ready to roll.

The sun is blasting away again now, we will not have to water tonight.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Looks like Wet Wednesday

but by lunch time it had cleared enough for DB to clear the rubbish from the back of the big shed, he also started to edge the back grass.

I woke with a headache this morning so did not get up promt, it was 9.30 when I walked through into the sitting room.

Prepped the supper. I opened a tin of spuds last night to have with the salad, will cut up the remainder and fry them in butter to have with the gratin tonight.

The chap from the council is coming tomorrow to have a look at the slabs at the back and will possibly do the fire then. We are also going to get a new letter box at some point next week.

In 2011 I bought a Russell Hobbs toaster and kettle. The toaster bit the dust 2 years ago, the replacement toaster is on its way out and the kettle gave up the ghost yesterday. I am sick of buying stuff that gives up after a couple of years. I had a Russell Hobbs kettle that lasted my first marriage out!! Trying a different make this time, has a 2 year guarantee, so hope it lasts longer than that this time.

I have done the menu list for September, I have quite a bit of meat in the freezer, so apart from Chicken and sausage will not have to buy much meat this coming month. October will be a big stock up in preparation for bad weather. I want at least a month of supplies in.

No idea what I am going to do this afternoon...............

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

That was cheap!!

The car went in for service today, we walked round to collect it on the way to get the fire rope for the sitting room grate, it was £70 less for a bigger service, the difference was in the hourly rate. The chap says the brakes may need doing before too long, but there is a light comes on when they reach a certain level. We were warned about them last year too.

Monday clean was done today DB spent some time chopping kindling for the fire, we now have a dustbin almost full of chopped up wood.

It was fine this morning but has rained on and off all afternoon. I had taken some chicken out of the freezer for tonight supper, it was off, the smell hit me as I unwrapped it. It had been defrosted in the fridge, the second lot of Aldi chicken that has gone off.......two 1/4 pounders in the remoska instead.

I have finished doing the blocks for the rest of the sampler quilt for the group, so now I can focus on stuff for Christmas.

The ink arrived this morning for the printer, the third lot I have had to buy since I started the group in January. Printing everything 10 times and sometimes in colour soon uses the ink up.

No gardening done today, its too wet to cut the grass. If it is not raining tomorrow morning I might just put the violas in the front and dig the hole for the one pot of lilies to go into the ground. I al keeping the other lot in their pot so I can move them round.

A call from the council they are coming to put down 2 new slabs for us next week and also sort the clattering letter box.

DB is having olive oil in his ears twice a day to soften the wax that is causing him to be deaf. He has to make an appointment to get them syringed. Its bad enough me being deaf.......

Monday, 24 August 2015

We Have Rain

Into town this morning for DB's INR. I went to the chemist and got some olive oil, the Dr. told DB he had solid wax in both ears, but then he never cleans them!! So another job for me, he needs the oil in his ears twice a day for 10 days then has to get his ears syringed.

It was almost lunchtime by the time we got back, I fell asleep on the settee for about an hour after lunch. DB was out in the garden planting the Violas I got last week.

Just after 3pm the TV went daft and it started to pour with rain, its still hissing down, trouble is the ground is so dry the water will just run off and not soak in.

Monday clean will have to be done tomorrow.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Breezy Day

We did not get the thunder storms last night. Woke to a bright and breezy morning, so bed stripped and sheets washed, they are almost dry on the line. I have also done the towels from the bathroom, they should dry as well hopefully.

DB has finished planting and tying in the clematis apart from the one that is going in the clothes post, it will need a very big hole, its been in a very large pot for 12 months.

Once we have recovered financially from the move I am going to start saving to get the back garden altered. There is an uneven slope on the grass towards the house, I would like to get it dug back to level ground, a retaining wall built, and a patio put in. Alter the paths to the shed and up the garden. May have a new slightly larger shed put in. We will have to get permission from the council to do it.

We sat in the sun and had our morning tea. Prep for supper done apart from the crumble topping for the blackberry and apple. 

Trying to get ahead of myself for the quilt group, I am starting on the last few blocks for their samplers. Will not be using them until the New Year. I have brought forward the date of the December meeting so we can have a 'bit of a do' before the hols. I have some cash in the account, so it will be a freeby. I think we will do a secret santa as well. In November I will get them to put their names in a hat and draw out someone to buy a quilt related present for, spending no more than £5. It should be interesting..........

Feeling better this morning after two iffy days, I guess thats how life is going to be for me from now on.

Mid afternoon all laundry dry folded and put away apart from the bits that want ironing. Its gone very dull and quite a bit cooler, looks like the rain is on the way.

For some unaccountable reason all my orchids have decided to throw up flower spikes. Three are in full flower the other one the flower spike is developing.

The one on the left is actually a very pretty green not white as it appears in the picture.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

What Happened???

I was awake at 7am, next thing I knew DB was bringing me my breakfast, almost 9am........

Once up and sorted it was out to the garden. DB started at one end and I started at the other to put in the plants that still needed planted. I managed 6 before I had to give up. Came in and made a cup of tea which we drank in the garden sitting in the shade.

DB carried on in the garden, I put a loaf of bread on and made a fruit loaf, by that time it was lunchtime.

Its a beautiful sunny day, just a bit of breeze now and then to keep it comfortable out there. I think DB will sit out and read, if it gets too hot for me I will sit in the sitting room, have almost finished the book I was reading,

We have a few more plants to go in the front, then it will be bulb planting time. We are going over to the nursery at Enderby to get large bags of daffs in a couple of weeks on the way to visit my quilting friend.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Slow start

this morning, I seem to be having one day when I am ok and then the next rubbish, today was a rubbish morning!!

DB went off to get more manure from the stables, he arrived back just as DD2 arrived on the bus, so tea and a chat.

I had decided that as the forecast was a bit iffy I would do a load of laundry, so its dried on the line, fetched it in after lunch before we set off to take DD2 back to town and DH for an appointment at the Drs.

I nipped to put a script in for him and pick up 5L of white vinegar, not for pickling but to clean with. Library to get books, the mobile library will not come in September, so we need books. I dare say there will be another trip at some point.

Stopped on the way back at the garage to book the car in for service next week.

It has not rained today but must admit at times I thought it was going to.

No work done in the garden, might get some done tomorrow, we have about another 20 plants to go in and apart from the bulbs the garden will be done.

Thursday, 20 August 2015


We were up and out early, it was the U3A meeting, the speaker the retired Dean from Southwell Cathedral, he was hilarious, I could have listened to his stories for hours, many told against himself , the Church of England and the Archbishop of Canterbury!! The whole place was rocking and when he finished I have never heard such enthusiastic applause from a U3A audience for a long time.

We nipped along to Morrison to get the bits we needed and then to Lidl, DB was off to get his new plate checked, he was in and out before I had got through the checkout.

Back home I used up some beans from supper the other night and also did a round of scrambled egg as well, we will not need cake with our afternoon tea, in fact we may not need any supper either!!

It started off quite cloudy but the sun has come through and we have blue sky, it has warmed up as well.

Better go, he who must be obeyed wants to do the freezer and cupboard audit ready for the big shop next week.

My neighbour does not keep a horse in her garden, its a wooden one, have not dared to ask why it is there but I do know that she used to work with horses.

Oh I almost forgot, the 'red phone' is a phone with a big red button on which we can press if we need urgent help, if we do not answer then the operator will ring our contacts, failing that an ambulance. I am grateful for the help we are getting, but to be honest its quicker to phone an ambulance the time you have answered all the questions you could have died!!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

We are now on a red phone!!

The support worker has been this afternoon and we now have an emergency phone and also a push button to wear either on  a wrist or round your neck as a pendant. It has been tested and it works!!

Bit of a busy day OH spreading manure in the garden and also putting more plants in the back, I had to wait in for the computer chap to come and renew my bit defender subscription.

It has been another nice day, but it is clouding over and cooling down a bit. I need to get hold of the chap to install the new fire grate for us. The evenings can be cold.

Do not seem to have done much, although we have moved the pots of clematis to the bits of trellis where they are going to be planted, once they are in I will tie them in, hopefully next year they will be up to the top of the trellis and have wonderful flowers on them.

Out tomorrow, U3A and dentist for OH in the morning, also need to get a few things from Morrisons.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


OH went off after breakfast to get more manure for the garde, he just got back as it started to rain, and it has rained for a good 2 hours.

Whilst he was out I tidied the kitchen and then went out to plant in the back. Did just 6, the soil in the shady part of the garden is almost pure clay, we need to do something to open it up a bit. I was shattered. So came in.

The coal man has delivered the coal and we have ordered a load of logs as well, we are trying to work out the best way to use the fire and the heating during the winter, I think its going to be a case of suck it and see.

The rain has stopped so we are going down to the nursery to see the lady at the cafe with the box of Christmas stuff, see what she thinks about the sale later in the year.

I have worked this morning on a different block for the group ladies to see using 1/4 sq triangles.

Sausage and mash for supper, no idea about a dessert........I ended up doing a treacle sponge with custard. There is enough left for another couple of suppers....yum yum.

Tonights sunset....over the roofs at the back of the bungalow.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Usual Monday

Monday clean done, then I went out and put in the lavender down one side of the path. DB has to dig out the border on the other side. I do wish now I had not sold my spade when we moved from the cottage, I miss having 2 spades, I could work in the back finishing up planting the herbaceous border if I had a spade!!

Did a bit of sewing this afternoon. I made a table centre 4 years ago, it was one of the things I sold at the market last year, decided to do another one, so cut it out and sewed all but one block. I want to take it to the group next week to show therm what you can do with a Dresden plate other than mount it on a background fabric.

Quiche and salad for tea, the lettuce is from the garden, about the only thing we will get by the looks of things, the beans are very slow, flowers but no sign of actual beans. The brussels and cabbage seem to be doing ok now we have the stuff to deter the caterpillers.

I do seem to have a little more energy today, but still trying not to do too much.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Breakfast in bed again this morning.DB woke me coughing just after 3am, took me ages to get back to sleep, still asleep when he got up.

A mixed load of laundry on a cool wash, out on the whirly. The sun was quite warm earlier on, but the clouds have rolled in,guess it might rain later.

DB weeded the front beds this morning, digging always seems to wake up dormant seeds, however they are now all gone. We need to sort out what, apart from the lavender down the path, if going in. I have some mo tans seedlings in pots just now, maybe will plant them in the chain link fence in the spring, give the roots time to establish them selves.

Supper tonight leg of lamb steaks. I am going to cook them over roasting veg. Studded the meat with garlic and the have been in red wine marinade since yesterday.

Saturday, 15 August 2015


breakfast in bed again today, I am so tired still. I got a swift burst of energy, made a lemon drizzle cake and also 4 creme caramel for supper tonight and tomorrow.

We had a delivery of old wood last night thanks to the chap who came to do the shed. DB has chopped some of it into kindling for the fire, the rest is in bags under the overhang of the roof, we need to dry quite a bit of it off.

The plans have come this morning from the Red Cross, the stupid woman who came has got the door to the toilet opening in, it opens out and the door to the bathroom in the cupboard at the back of the fire. I will have to ring her on Monday. If she submits it to the council they will just laugh at her.

Rain all day yesterday, this morning its fine, a bit of a breeze, but warm if you are sheltered from the breeze.

Not a lot going on just now. The front garden is showing signs of a lot of seedlings coming through, I am going to have to go and use the hoe to cut the heads off. If I do it enough they should die off.

The plant you can see is the knot weed, we are waiting for the Council to come and treat it.

Baby sweet corn beans beyond them and the cabbages etc in the back ground.

The start of the fruit bed, the rhubarb has been planted and at the top the raspberry plants.

My birthday geraniums from my quilting friend. The pots will be sunk in the front garden, and I will take some cuttings from them.

The shady bed. looking towards what will be the herbaceous border, the straightened clothes post which will have a clematis going up it.

Some of these plants are destined for the front, we will be working on it tomorrow.

The peach tree we were given last week, it was put in water straights away and we planted it in a mixture of compost and garden soil. So far so good, it has not dropped its leaves.

Friday, 14 August 2015

I asked for Rain

and we got it!! Started raining last night, not torrential but steady rain, it has continued all day, we sure will  not need to water the garden for quite a few days.

Easy morning, set off just after 12 noon to take a shirt back to Matalan and then continued on to see my quilting friend. OH took a book with him, so sat in the sitting room reading, whilst CR and I chewed the cud at the kitchen table. A chocolate cake appeared at tea time, smothered with cream it was delicious. CR gave me 3 lovely geraniums for the garden for my birthday. Once it stops raining we will put them in.

By the time we came to come home the rain had slackened off a bit, but by the time we came down into the Vale it was hissing down again. It is very grey and the rain is still coming down.

No a bad journey home, but we were quite early, wanted to miss the Friday rush. The M1 was almost at a standstill, the speed limit down to 40mph. We were on the road over the M1 so managed to keep up a reasonable speed all the way home.

Not much to report, quiet day really. The forecast is for the rain to clear tomorrow and next week is to be warmer, wer may get the last of the plants in.

Thursday, 13 August 2015


OH out in the front garden, cutting back and shaping the front lawns this morning. I need to sort out the lavender to go in. The garden is looking so much different. We have decided to plant one of the pots of lilies actually in the garden.

I cleaned the sitting room and kitchen, we are going to be out tomorrow, so decided to do it today.

After lunch the support worker came, she had a ream of forms for us to fill in, we are getting an alarm which will allow us to contact help if we need it.

It was a bit of a grey morning, I decided to do an load of laundry in the hope that it might dry before the rain. I took it in just after lunch, had to finish it off in the dryer, just 10 minutes and all was dry.

The rain still has not arrived, bet it will chuck it down tomorrow when we are going out. We certainly need the rain badly.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Rough Night

Did not sleep too well. DB woke me just after 2am going to the loo, it was after 6am when I got back to sleep, so a slow start.

DB went over to the stables to pick up some horse manure for the garden. I dittered about in the kitchen till he got  back, then I ironed the sheets etc from Monday.

DB has an appointment at the dentist again this afternoon. I will nip into Lidl whilst he is away. We will call at the PO in the village to pick up the TV Choice as we go out.

I have been giving thought to the outside tap. After this month I doubt we will really need to use it, so its getting put off until next spring, that way I stand a better chance of getting the money together.

Its another fine day, but a bit of a breeze keeps it from getting too hot. We are forecast bad weather for Thursday and Friday, rain and thunder storms.

Quite a bit of horse manure brought home, some of it spread the rest stacked.

Lidl this afternoon, stuck to my shopping list, £13 not bad. The only thing I could not get were cooking apples, so will put the blackberries in the freezer and use them later. Did get some plums, they are ripening in the fruit bowl.

Its been very warm again today, we are told we are going to get thunderstorms tomorrow and Friday, so we will not need to water.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Must be feeling better!!

I decided I had enough of the two kitchen windows and the back door being such a mess, so with a large bucket of hot water, washing up liquid, magic sponge and an old towel, to work I went.

The big kitchen window was quite messy but no where near as bad as the back door, it took me over an hour to do the door, but its now sparkling white with clean glass. The little window was also quite mucky, what really got me was the grease on the air vents, yuk both were open but it was almost impossible to clean the grease off.

DB was sorting the pots of plants, he also put a couple in for me at the top of the herbaceous bed. One plant that had gone very brown through lack of water has started shooting again since I took over the watering. DB shows the water to the plants, I water them. I have tried many times to get him to water them the same way as I do, forget it; he does it his way, I do it mine.

That was me for the day, not doing anything else, Macaroni cheese with a jacket spud and tomato and celery salad. There are enough strawberries left for dessert. A container at £2 does us for 3 desserts with some ice cream.

Pleasant day, sun in and out and a lot cooler than the weekend.

Yesterday I appliqued a Dresden plate onto the background fabric, when I came to press it the wretched thing had moved, so I have had to undo it.......

The lily pot, they always give good value for money, I need to try and find the two pink bulbs and put them in a separate pot. The lilies in the house have about had it so I will be changing them with a couple from the garden.

We had an emergency trip to the chemist this afternoon, DB discovered he only had one of his heart tablets left, so had to tear into Melton to pick up his prescription. We called at the Country Store to see if they had galvanised buckets. No bucket but 2 price reduced foxgloves £2.00 each.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Much as usual

today despite it being my birthday. Bed stripped and sheets etc in the washer.

Its a bright day, sun keeps coming and going, there is a bit of a breeze so fingers crossed the laundry will dry on the whirly.

Monday clean to do, does not take much time in the bungalow, love those stairs we do not have!! Makes like fo much easier.

DB plans to put in the raspberries we bought on Thursday, the path at the back still has a number of pots on it. I need to place more and sort out what, if any, are going in the front. I have started to weave a montana clematis on the chain fencing at the front. The rest of the seedlings have been potted up to grow a bit bigger to handle.

We watered the garden last night. Nothing from the plumber, so I will be walking round to the PO and getting a couple of other numbers from the board. I do like to keep work in the village if I can and we are getting desperate to get the tap fitted.

Linen dried on the line, brilliant, folded it ready to iron possibly tomorrow.

The sky has come over grey a few times but we have not had any rain, its quite warm out of the wind.

Library van day, so we now have new books, van will not be coming next month so we will have to go into the main library a couple of times.

Ham salad for tea, some more of yesterdays strawberries for dessert.

Sunday, 9 August 2015


An earlier start this morning OH was awake just after 8am, he went out to the garden for an hour whilst I shoved the towels and the cruddy bath mat into the washer. They were out on the line as we went out.

Into Melton, I wanted to get a bouquet of flowers for DD2, she has been so good to us over the past few weeks, so lilies, alstromaria and chrysanthemums it was.

We had a delightful lunch, lamb steaks, roasted veg and new potatoes, followed by fruit strudel and cream. We enjoyed every mouthful.

We sat for a while drinking tea and chatting DGD and boyfriend are in Great Yarmouth on holiday for a week, so the house was quiet. Called at Iceland on the way home for some strawberries to have at tea time. Two days without cooking supper, how lucky am I. It will be back to normal tomorrow. DD gave me a card with strict instructions not to open it till tomorrow.

It was a scorching day yesterday, today has been cooler, the towels have dried and aired on the line, will fetch them in shortly and put them away. Bed linen to be changed tomorrow, so more laundry.

Yesterday I finished hand piecing the two blocks the ladies have been working on, I just need to applique them onto the background now. No idea what I am going to do with them mind you.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Presidents Day at the Bowls Club

Late up this morning, it was after 9am, before we surfaced we must have been tired.

Lovely morning, quite warm, put a load of coloureds in the washer, should dry fine, no rain forecast which means we will have to water tonight.

Its Presidents Day at the bowls and my one concession to attending bowls, so decent clothes on.

DB pottered a bit in the garden. I had ordered  2 pairs of shorts in the sale, they arrived this morning, fit great so thats fine. No more moaning from him!! There is a smart navy pair he can wear to go out in.

A quick lunch of beans on toast, the beans I got from Lidl are better than the Aldi ones, more beans and a lot less sauce. A large tin did us for beans with our eggs and wedges on Monday and for beans on toast today.

DB decided to take his old bowls club badge off his blazer, made a right pigs ear of it. I ended up having to dig out the threads, instead of snipping one and then going round and undoing the stitches, he just cut through the lot and left a load of ends I had to dig!!

Our neighbour at the side came round with a peach tree, she could not get on with it, so gave it to us.......we will have quite a fruit bed by the time we have finished.

Back from the Bowls Club, I sat out and sewed whilst they played bowls, I had to go inside the sun just got too much.

Excellent meal, lots of it and wine to drink. I won a bottle of wine in the raffle, so a good result.

Met two ladies who belong to the other quilt groups.

Shattered now, could do with a cold shower, but as we do not havea shower I will have to make do with a cool sluice in the bath. Its gone 7pm and the sun is still blazing down.......

Friday, 7 August 2015


is a saying we often used when at work.

Up early this morning so DB could wash the car and I could get the Friday clean done before the OT came about the bathroom.

We were her first call, had to go through our medical history yet again, she had a look at the bathroom and yes we are getting referred but when it will get done is anyone's guess. She is suggesting that the wall comes out between the bathroom and toilet, we will see. I know that B & P had theirs taken out.

A fine morning but grey clouds instead of blue sky, it feels very autumnal out. I did do half an hour digging the weeds out of one border, but had enough by then. Will do a bit more tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Presidents day at the Bowls Club, so it the day I have to put on posh clothes and take a book to read. Come to think of it I might take one of the hand stitched blocks with me to finish. I'll see how I feel tomorrow. No supper to cook tomorrow or Sunday, we get supper at the bowls club and its my birthday lunch at DD2's on Sunday.

We decided to go to the local garden centre this afternoon, we were going to go on Monday, however, this afternoon saw us walking up and down picking out plants. We then went into the cafe and had tea and cake, my birthday treat a couple of days early.

I have now spent all the cash I have saved up for my trip to the quilt show on plants. We have several more to place in the back herbaceous border. I am not going to over plant it, I want to give the plants room to grow and bulk up. We will go to the nursery at Enderby late next month to get the bulbs and some garlic for DB to plant out. 

We watered last night, the veg are growing.

Its been a fine day, dull this morning but the sun broke through and it was 64 in the gardn at one point.

Thursday, 6 August 2015


We got up early and skipped off to Aldi at Grantham. We did get a bit lost on the way, but OK coming back.

6 raspberry canes, 1 Oregon thorn less black berry and one blackcurrant bush. Not a bad haul, we had to search for the rasps though, plenty of autumn fruiting, not many summer fruiting. Quick trip round the shop for things I cannot get elsewhere and home we came. Cup of tea.

DB is now out cleaning the inside of the car. He fell asleep in the chair yesterday, I got a bit cross with him, he was out in the garden messing about for around 3 hours, with just a brief break for a cuppa. 

He is cleaning out the inside of the car, it has not been done since before we moved eekkkk!! So was pretty mucky. He will wash the outside tomorrow.

We got a phone call from the Red Cross, their OT is coming tomorrow to assess us for a walk in shower, brilliant. I am getting a bit cheesed off with having to kneel in the bath. DB cannot even do that, if his knees seize up I cannot get him out.

7 weeks tomorrow since I had my PM in, so I am going to start driving again. No one said I shouldn't last week, and as they do not want to see  me again until the end of September I guess I can start again.

Cauli and brocc gratin with jacket spuds for  supper tonight. I got coerced into buying ice cream by DB in Aldi.......and I have a perfectly good ice cream maker in the cupboard......time to get it out again me thinks.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

No rain Yet

It was forecast over night, but so far has not occurred.

DB still digging out in the front. I was messing about in the kitchen. We had our lunch early as we had an appointment with the chiropodist, I wanted to go to Morrisons first, DB needed to put a script in to the chemist.

Feet now done, quick trip to Tesco to check the car tyres, diesel was £1.11, so I filled up, ages since it was cheaper than petrol.

Came home via Thorpe Arnold. Cuppa and a piece of scone went down very well thank you.

The plumber is coming later to give us an estimate for the outside tap, carting full watering cans is not my idea of watering the garden. I had said I was not spending any more cash, but it is really a need and not a want. Will see what he says when he gets here.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Another blowy day

DB had an appointment with the dentist this morning for more impressions for his dental plate.

We left the car at Lidl, both walked down to Norman Way, I went one way and DB the other. Called in to see DD2, she was the boss this morning......she looked very smart in her uniform. She was not impressed with the hospital visit last week. Muttered something very unusual for her under her breath!!

Went on to the market and got a head of calebrese, cost me £1.67, I nearly died, when I went into Lidl it was 69p!! I went to the plant stall and bought 4 plants, walked back to Lidl, no sign of DB so I went into the shop and got the few bits we wanted. DB was waiting in the car for me.

Stopped in the post office in the village on the way back and got the TV choice and also the name of a local plumber, we have permission to put in an outside tap. It takes both of us over half an hour and a great many cans of water to do the garden now. We went down to the village stables after the post office, we have been told we can take as much manure as we like, so DB has been looking for old compost bags, we will shoved it out from the bottom of the stack. Some will get spread but most of it will be stacked at the top of the garden until the spring. I could do with sourcing another water barrel and putting the manure in and filling the barrel up with water. It stinks, but one part of the liquid to 3 parts of water makes a great liquid feed. We used to use sheep poo when I was small.

After lunch DB went outside to do a bit more at the lawn. I went and lay on the bed, did drop off for a short while. Afternoon tea was 2 Danish pastries from Lidl, I had a Belgian bun, DB a coffee bun and a cup of tea. Treats over for this week. Spag bol and garlic bread for supper.

The weather has been a bit weird, its quite windy, blue sky and then dark clouds scudding over but no rain.........

Monday, 3 August 2015

A blowy Day

Sun shining when we got up, so a mixed wash at low temperature in the washer and it dried in record time. I did the Monday clean whilst DB tackled the front grass with the mower, he has also started to shape the grass.

After lunch we sat in the garden for a while, it was quite breezy but pleasant in the sun.

I now know what the Drs intend to do re my pacemaker..... nowt!! I have an appointment to go to the clinic again in 2 months, card came through this morning. So all the discussion etc that went on was needless. Hey ho. The longer they leave it the more difficult it will be to re-position the wire, but why should I worry??

DB has an appointment at the dentist tomorrow, I am going to go in with him and have a look at the market. We will park in Lidl, I need to go in there as well.

I forgot to say on last nights post that for a kitchen supper it was casual dress, but dinner meant dressing up in long dresses and diamonds. Pearls should be worn during the day, but diamonds at night, the more diamonds the more well off you were.

Unfortunately there will be no posts about my previous employers, apart from anything else we had to sign a confidentiality clause when we went to work for them. 

Sunday, 2 August 2015


In the best regulated circles the meals were:

Breakfast, which was a meal in itself, porridge, cereal, bacon, eggs, sausage, kidneys  followed by toast and marmalade.....a meal to set you up for the day. The sideboard would be set with a chafing trays which kept the dishes hot and you served yourself, although in the best circles the butler would serve tea or coffee to you.

Luncheon was a slightly lighter meal, often if you were catering to a shooting party it would be casserole beef or something similar with vegetables and followed by a pudding.

Afternoon tea - to bridge the gap between Luncheon and Dinner, delicate triangular sandwiches with the crusts cut off, often cucumber or smoked salmon, and then cakes, scones etc.

Supper was a meal usually taken around 7pm and not such a formal meal, posh sausage and mash, shepherds pie and the like, followed by a dessert of some description, steamed sponge, fruit crumble. This was often referred to as a kitchen supper as it was eaten round the table in the kitchen.

If you were having dinner you would not serve supper.

Dinner was not served until 9pm, Often 4 - 7 courses. soup or something like oysters, prawns. next you would have a fish course, dover sole, salmon, plaice. The main course could be any type of meat, beef wellington, if salmon was not served at the fish course, salmon en croute, roast beef, roast poultry, lamb, pork, pheasant, guinea fowl, veal or venison with several vegetables, roast potato's, yorkshire puddings and all the accoutrement's that go with the various dishes. Often then there would be a ' palate cleanser' water ice, gratina, Then you get to dessert, the sky is the limit with these, nothing simple, very elaborate. The meal would then end possible at almost midnight with cheese, fruit platter and port. The ladies would withdraw to the drawing room to gossip over coffee whilst the men 'passed the port' round the table smoked cigars and many a business deal was settled at this point. The men would then join the ladies for coffee and less important chat.

 As a child we had our main meal in the evening at around 6pm so it was 'supper' and I have continued this throughout my marriage apart from the occasional Sunday when we might eat at lunchtime.

Working as I did for 'upper class' families, the breakfast, luncheon and supper was mostly the norm, but Friday or Saturday night, birthdays, celebrations, business functions etc, it was dinner at 9pm. It could well be 3 or 4am before we got to bed, and it all started again the next day.


DB started with palpitations last night, he slept ok, but still had them this morning, they eventually went just before lunch.

G was here just after 8am and has finished all the digging, so the whole plot has been dug over and lumps broken up. He has worked so hard, DB took out some cash for him, he did not want to take it, but I told him to take himself up to the pub and get his Sunday lunch.

The last fork full being dug over.

All finished, all we have to do now is get some wood to mark up the beds and paths.

The bird table in isolation.

The sweetcorn doing well.

Waiting to be planted.

DB is out messing about, I will go out shortly and put more pots where we want to put the plants, I have two or three shrubs which need to go in at the back, to form a background.

Roast pork for supper tonight. I got some plums from Lidl, so a plum and ginger crumble for dessert.

The sun has come out and its quite warm outside now, change to top up my tan??

Whats my motivation??

Was a question someone asked. Well its quite simple, I cannot stand a messy house. OH is very messy and drives me nuts at times, I can also be untidy, but try to keep it under control except in the sewing room, in that case I just shut the door.

I have a cleaning routine which I try to stick to although of late it has slipped a bit. Hopefully once they have sorted out my pacemaker life will get back to normal, or at least what purports to be normal for me.

G is here finishing off the digging, he has been a life saver, if we had to do it ourselves it would have taken ages, as it is we can keep it weeded and start laying out the beds, once I find some wood. I do not want to have to buy it, but not having much luck through free cycle at the moment.

It was quite autumnal first thing, quite cool, the sun keeps trying to break through.

I cut 2 stalks of lilies yesterday they are on the dresser in the sitting room, the scent is lovely. With the sitting room door open we can smell them through the house.

We have a couple of trips into Melton this week. DB has a dental appointment on Tuesday, I will park at Lidl and nip across the road, see what plants the chap has, and then Wednesday we get out toe nails cut, so a quick side trip to Morrison's to get the things I could not get at Lidl.

Saturday, 1 August 2015


Up at the usual time this morning as we were expecting the chaps to take out all the rotten wood on the coal shed and replace it. Two chaps turned up and it took them till just after 3pm to complete the work, but now we have what looks like a new coal shed.

At the side of the ordinary shed the coal shed looks like new, a lot of work has gone on and it is now water and wind proofed.

The trellis that DS2 put up for us yesterday, I have to plant out the clematis and tie them in.

The wood from the shed and  the dog kennel DS broke up yesterday, it will be chopped up for kindling in due course.

DB was playing bowls this afternoon, so after a bacon sandwich he trotted off whilst I stayed at home. The workmen left just after 3pm, they really have made a lovely job of the shed and M is going to put the fire grate in for us. I just have to get the fire cement and rope and let him know when we have it.

I spent most of the afternoon reading. I am not fond of Irish stories but I do enjoy Maeve Binchy's novels, I got 'A Week in Winter' from the library the other day.

DB returned just after 6 , he won a bottle of wine in the raffle, so its in the cupboard. I had a cheesey jacket spud and strawberries and ice cream for my supper, scrummy.

It has been quite a nice day up till about 4pm. its turned quite cool and DB said it rained on the bowls green when they were having their tea. He played much better this week so was quite pleased with himself.

I have placed a few more pots this afternoon, the second pot of lilies is in the border at the back. More work will be done tomorrow if its fine.

It was nice to wake up this morning and see DD1's embroideries in their place above the bed. I still have not sorted the two shelf sets, if its wet tomorrow I will have a go at them then.