Wednesday, 15 July 2015

We are back

on line again, not a happy bunny with Plusnet and will be making my feelings known you can bet on that.

I did keep a journal through the days we were off line, but blogger will not let me publish the entries, so unless I can find out why you will have to just imagine what has gone on.

We managed to get hold of G, he has spent 2 Sundays and lst night digging over the garden.

Men at work, well G is DB is chatting to our neighbour.

The start of the herbaceous bed.

The veg plot with some of the plants in.


Fruit bed.

Looking towards the bungalow, beans and leeks in.

The composter, we emptied the compost in it into bags and brought it over, the compost is getting dug in.

DB has also started on the front garden, digging out the weeds and also the yellow poppies before they set seed. I have cut off the seed heads of the red poppies. hopefully they will get sown next year.

Front garden

Sitting room carpets down and curtains up.

Our bedroom

Sewing room.

Will post this now put more piccies om tomorrow.


  1. Glad you're getting settled now Anne - house looks very comfy and I know you will enjoy your new space. Hope to see more pix soon.

    BTW - any chance G wants to 'dig over' my back garden? Of course he can wait until he's finished there, and perhaps by then the temps. will have dropped below 90F over here - phew it's hot and continuing daily with hardly a drop of rain!

    Take care - Mary X

  2. Good news, it is coming along fast now. That looks like a good size garden, so often they are very small in rental properties. I hope that all goes well for you both.

  3. How marvelous to see this post and the amazing progress in the front and back gardens! Men at work, indeed! Hope your veggies have a good growing season ahead so you two can enjoy the fruits/veg of your labors there.

    Wishing you well in getting the internet bothers ironed out and being able to post easily as you did before the move. How goes the unpacking? Is your sewing room taking shape yet? You know I look forward to more pictures. :)


  4. Very pleased to hear that you are both doing well. Enjoyed your pictures and you have made a lot of progress. Expect you are most welcome as a neighbour cleaning everything up right away.

    Glad G came over to help you. Is there somewhere that I should look to understand what the codes mean? Is G a friend, relative?

    Looking forward to your journal. It is fun to read and enjoy hearing what you eat etc. We don't have grocery service delivery where I live. I would use it if we did.

    Big hugs and take care.

  5. So glad you have things sorted, especially the sewing room( most important) glad that DB seems better which makes easier for you especially as you now need support. Take care , take things slowly, sew lots and rest . Hope you both have many years of happiness in your new home . Love from Miffy 257

  6. Glad to hear that you are both doing well and settling into your new home. Missed your daily posts while you were offline. Wow! What a lot of garden work accomplished in a short time! Hope you are both enjoying the bungalow!! Best Wishes from Canada, Nanny Anny

  7. The bungalow looks perfect for you guys! I love the garden .... plenty big but not TOO big. Enough for you to get outside and keep busy. I bet the garden is going to look lovely next year when the plants take hold. Best wishes from USA.


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