Friday, 24 July 2015


My mobile phone woke me this morning just after 7pm giving me notice of the time the freezer would be delivered, between 12pm and 4pm, it actually arrived at 1.30. It is standing just now to let the gas settle before I plug it in.

Two other parcels I was waiting for arrived as well, so all deliveries are caught up and the purse is welded shut. The new fire grate arrived, so need DS2 to come and sort it out, it has to be sealed to the grate opening with fire cement.

DB spent time in the garden this morning he has almost finished digging over the beds at the front. I need to sort out plants to go in. I am possibly going to put the two pots with the lilies in just for a bit of a show till I can sort out some permanent planting.

I seem to have spent most of the day bimbling about and not doing much. Supper is liver and bacon. The veggies are done, it just needs cooking now.

It is quite a bit cooler today, I have reverted to my fleece jacket and DB is back in his track suit. The sun comes out for a brief burst and then goes in again.

Finished the cafe curtain for the bathroom, its not perfect but it will do.

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  1. Cheers that your new freezer has arrived as it will be a boon for days when you choose not to leave your sweet home and the new fire grate will keep you two wonderfully cozy, too! Have you sorted out where to get firewood?

    Isn't it a delight to plan a new garden and to see your plants thriving in their new homes? How marvelous that you and DB have such green thumbs. To my surprise, this morning I discovered a lone foxglove that came up from some old seeds I flung onto roughed up soil. It is lovely!

    It's still quite warm here and is likely to stay that way thru August.

    I bimbled around the house Wednesday and yesterday as I just couldn't get going in any good direction. Some days are like that but I hope to do better today.



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